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City Hall East a Necessary Compromisenew

The relaxed affordable housing requirements reveal changes at the city's negotiation table.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Mara Shalhoup  |  11-08-2010  |  Policy Issues

HOPE should be cappednew

The HOPE scholarship is overextended by $244 million this year
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Mara Shalhoup  |  08-26-2010  |  Policy Issues

Smoking indoors sucksnew

Why we should ban cigarettes from bars -- or go to prison
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Mara Shalhoup  |  08-05-2010  |  Policy Issues

The Benefits of Being a Female Pot Dealernew

"I milk the fact that I look so innocent," Sally Davidson says. "I'm a young Caucasian woman with a respectable job. I drive a white-girl car. And I use that to my advantage."
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Mara Shalhoup  |  04-20-2010  |  Drugs

BMF Co-Leaders Sentencednew

Strong show of support for Black Mafia Family's Flenory brothers.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Mara Shalhoup  |  09-17-2008  |  Crime & Justice

Top BMF Figure Guiltynew

Witness: Rap star Young Jeezy got kilos of coke.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Mara Shalhoup  |  06-18-2008  |  Crime & Justice

Witness: Young Jeezy Received Kilos of BMF Cokenew

Testimony offered yesterday in the federal government's cocaine-conspiracy case against alleged Black Mafia Family member Fleming "Ill" Daniels revealed a stunning allegation: According to a witness, Atlanta hip-hop superstar Jay "Young Jeezy" Jenkins received kilos of cocaine from BMF.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Mara Shalhoup  |  06-16-2008  |  Music

"BMF: Hip-Hop's Shadowy Empire"new

AltWeeklies Award - Web Site Content Feature
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Mara Shalhoup  |  04-21-2008  |  Media

The Bad Cops Clubnew

AltWeeklies Award - Investigative Reporting
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Mara Shalhoup  |  04-21-2008  |  Media

Mayor's Daughter Admits Guilt, Will Assist Cocaine Probenew

Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin's daughter, Kai Franklin Graham, pleaded guilty in federal court Dec. 18 to playing a minor role in her ex-husband Tremayne Graham's crime ring.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Mara Shalhoup  |  12-20-2007  |  Crime & Justice

A Battle Over Bar Hours Goes to the Next Roundnew

On first blush, DeKalb County Chief Executive Vernon Jones' decision to veto a measure to cut back bar hours would seem a form of political suicide.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Scott Freeman and Mara Shalhoup  |  11-28-2007  |  Business & Labor

Will the Feds Take Down the Black Mafia Family?new

After a 15-year probe, the Flenory brothers will stand trial for allegedly running one of the country's most elaborate cocaine rings.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Mara Shalhoup  |  11-15-2007  |  Crime & Justice

Public Housing On the Chopping Block in ATLnew

As the Atlanta Housing Authority moves to demolish another wave of public housing, what does that mean for the city's poor?
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Mara Shalhoup  |  09-20-2007  |  Housing & Development

Atlanta's Underfunded Arts Community Could Get a Breaknew

A task force created last year by Mayor Shirley Franklin said the city should more than quadruple its contribution to the arts -- to $10 million annually.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Mara Shalhoup  |  08-22-2007  |  Art

The Party Starternew

DJ Preston Craig is determined to put Atlanta's club scene on the map, and he's not letting anything — including a debilitating disease — stop him.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Mara Shalhoup  |  08-02-2007  |  Recreation

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