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Establishing and Empoweringnew

Women can apply the lessons of leaning in to their careers and lives no matter their profession.
Jackson Free Press  |  Julie Skipper  |  11-22-2013  |  Advice

Back to Our Rootsnew

Sometimes, getting away makes you think even more fondly of home. A recent excursion to Nashville left me thinking about the progress I've seen in our city the past few years. It's interesting how sometimes by getting back to our roots, we can move forward.
Jackson Free Press  |  Julie Skipper  |  06-24-2013  |  Gardening

Priority Womannew

Celebrating taking care of yourself—and making a cocktail-napkin pact to do it more—is as vital as celebrating workplace success.
Jackson Free Press  |  Julie Skipper  |  04-26-2013  |  Commentary

Giving Heartsnew

The creative spirit is a strong one; it comes from deep within. That's why so often art creates in the viewer an emotional reaction or impact.
Jackson Free Press  |  Julie Skipper  |  02-08-2013  |  Art

Vivid Digitsnew

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve probably noticed that fingernails garner a lot of attention these days.
Jackson Free Press  |  Julie Skipper  |  11-09-2012  |  Fashion

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