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Hang up the hangovernew

Stay horizontal. Swallow some vitamins. And never, ever overindulge again.
INDY Week  |  Julie Johnson  |  12-05-2012  |  Food+Drink

Are presidential homebrews a political edge?new

President James Madison proposed the creation of a national brewery and a cabinet position for a Secretary of Beer, which, sadly, never came to be.
INDY Week  |  Julie Johnson  |  10-04-2012  |  Food+Drink

Lighten Up, Beer Geeksnew

Periodically, a beer enthusiast will privately confess to enjoying the occasional Bud Light. The comment is either received with scorn or the kind of puzzlement that occurs when a person you think you know admits to something terribly out of character.
INDY Week  |  Julie Johnson  |  08-02-2012  |  Food+Drink

Celebrate George's Lighter Side with President Washington's Porternew

The first president was partial to a style of ale called porter, which makes him something of a follower of fashion. Porter was the first mass-marketed, must-have beer. In early 18th-century London, pub-goers enjoyed a mixed beer cocktail that blended brown ale, pale ale and stale (meaning aged) beer.
INDY Week  |  Julie Johnson  |  02-04-2010  |  Food+Drink

Imperial Beers for Plucky Palatesnew

Modern American craft brewers, being partial to supersized approaches to brewing, have embraced the imperial stout style. And an interesting shift has occurred in terminology: "Imperial" has ceased to mean royal and now refers to an outsized interpretation of a traditional beer style.
INDY Week  |  Julie Johnson  |  12-02-2009  |  Food+Drink

How Pure is Pure?new

"Brewed according to the Beer Purity Laws" -- when American beer drinkers see this as part of a beer promotion, they might wonder: Whose laws? And how pure?
INDY Week  |  Julie Johnson  |  08-06-2009  |  Food+Drink

Suds and Flames Make Great Summer Mealsnew

Caramel is the reason beer goes with grilled food and wine often doesn't. Here are some beer and summer food pairings, followed by some recipes for beer-based summer sauces.
INDY Week  |  Julie Johnson  |  07-02-2009  |  Food+Drink

Winter Seasonal Beer Draws a Warm Receptionnew

Brewers have traditionally adjusted their recipes to suit the season, with lighter drinks for the hot months and heftier brews to fight the chill.
INDY Week  |  Julie Johnson  |  12-04-2008  |  Food+Drink

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