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iPhone Hellnew

Five years after the iPhone, are we any better off?
NOW Magazine  |  Joshua Errett  |  01-12-2012  |  Tech

Goodbye, Gil Scott-Heronnew

New York has killed the counterculture poet and singer.
NOW Magazine  |  Joshua Errett  |  05-27-2011  |  Music

The Rise of Redditnew

The surging social news site is ready to take on Twitter, says founding Redditor Alexis Ohanian.
NOW Magazine  |  Joshua Errett  |  05-17-2011  |  Tech

Decade in Review: Top 10 Advancements that Shaped the 2000s and Beyondnew

The innovation of the decade came in 2002, when Research in Motion released the almighty BlackBerry, the world’s first real smartphone. That opened the gate for Apple’s dazzling iPhone, which is nearly ubiquitous at decade’s end, and Google’s Android, poised to take over the market.
NOW Magazine  |  Joshua Errett  |  12-11-2009  |  Tech

Can a Web Commenter be Sued for Libel, or Does the Site Take the Fall?new

Threatening a blog with a lawsuit most times works like a cold shower -- the blogger feels the libel chill and purges any objectionable content from his or her site. But as the internet becomes more crowded, that trend is reversing itself and lawsuits are actually going to court.
NOW Magazine  |  Joshua Errett  |  11-16-2009  |  Tech

The End of the Hipsternew

Dragged into the daylight, the youth culture that would not be named has finally been named, branded, marketed, and sold. Time to move on? Whatever.
NOW Magazine  |  Joshua Errett  |  12-12-2008  |  Culture

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