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The Priorities of Outrage: Guns Before Butternew

The tragedy that unfolded in Newtown is the kind of regularly occurring horror that our modern-day 24-hour media apparatus exists to exploit. But when it comes to the systemic, glacial destruction of the lives of millions of Americans in the ongoing farce that is a war on poor people, the story that needs to be told isn't.
Nashville Scene  |  Jonathan Meador  |  12-18-2012  |  Policy Issues

Gone Galtnew

When it comes to conservative film, Middle Tennessee has front row seats.
Nashville Scene  |  Jonathan Meador  |  10-19-2012  |  Media

Questions Remain As Davidson County's Controversial Deportation Program Endsnew

After nearly five years of controversies, bad headlines and a sustained cry of protest from Nashville's immigrant community, Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall held a press conference Tuesday morning announcing that his office will no longer participate in the unpopular Immigration and Customs Enforcement program known as 287(g).
Nashville Scene  |  Jonathan Meador  |  08-27-2012  |  Immigration

No Sex, No Educationnew

What's at stake in the Tennessee legislature's covert war on Planned Parenthood.
Nashville Scene  |  Jonathan Meador  |  05-10-2012  |  Education

Have Gun, Will Litigatenew

Proposed legislation would create a protected class in the workplace — gun owners.
Nashville Scene  |  Jonathan Meador  |  04-26-2012  |  Policy Issues

Prime Time for Pink Slimenew

Is pink slime The Jungle 2.0, or the manufactured outrage of the moment?
Nashville Scene  |  Jonathan Meador  |  04-12-2012  |  Food+Drink

The New Face of Hatenew

The changing guard of white separatism convenes at a Tennessee state park.
Nashville Scene  |  Jonathan Meador  |  03-29-2012  |  Race & Class

Search & Destroynew

The SOPA bill may be dry-docked, but the battle over online piracy rages.
Nashville Scene  |  Jonathan Meador  |  03-12-2012  |  Civil Liberties

Does It Get Better?new

Suicide, bullying and anti-LGBT legislation are creating tough times for gay Tennessee teens.
Nashville Scene  |  Jonathan Meador  |  02-17-2012  |  LGBT

Amazon To Cock-Block Local Businesses This Holiday Seasonnew

Internet instant gratification behemoth Amazon is telling hopeful consumers to go into local retailers and photograph inventory prices in exchange for a paltry 5 percent discount (up to $5) on Amazon-equivalent products.
Nashville Scene  |  Jonathan Meador  |  12-07-2011  |  Business & Labor

The Unkindest Cutnew

A Nashville company fires a recently paralyzed teenage employee, cutting off her medical coverage — and raising doubts about health care reform.
Nashville Scene  |  Jonathan Meador  |  09-06-2011  |  Business & Labor

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