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No Sympathy for Homeowners with Exploding ARMsnew

Why should I feel sorry for someone who didn't think things through and jumped too early at the first loan they could get?
New York Press  |  John DeSio  |  09-13-2007  |  Economy

Back from Iraq, Congressman Mike Arcuri Gives His Takenew

As long as the United States maintains a huge, powerful force in Iraq, Arcuri thinks the Iraqi government will never find the right motivation to actually work.
New York Press  |  John DeSio  |  09-06-2007  |  War

Breaker, Breaker For Fred Thompsonnew

If you enjoy Fred Thompson's brand of conservatism and drive a big rig, have I found a group for you: Truckers With Fred, which officially launched today.
New York Press  |  John DeSio  |  09-05-2007  |  Politics

NYC Continues on Path of Congestion Pricingnew

Westchester Democrat Richard Brodsky talks about leading the charge in the State Legislature to beat back what he calls a regressive tax on poor and middle-class New Yorkers.
New York Press  |  John DeSio  |  08-23-2007  |  Transportation

Bloomberg's Congestion Pricing Liesnew

The arguments that the New York City mayor and others used to build support for the measure were at least dishonest, if not outright lies.
New York Press  |  John DeSio  |  07-26-2007  |  Transportation

Laughing in the Face of the 9/11 Truth Movementnew

Political consultant Karol Sheinin fears that the 9/11 Truth movement might become part of our national memory -- and she's determined not to let that happen.
New York Press  |  John DeSio  |  07-19-2007  |  Disasters

Shave and a Haircut for John Edwardsnew

The hits just keep on coming for Edwards, whose campaign has displayed all of the political acumen of an infant.
New York Press  |  John DeSio  |  07-12-2007  |  Commentary

The Nuge vs. Bloombergnew

A staunch conservative, Ted Nugent is one of the most vocal pro-gun individuals you could ever meet, and his distaste for Mayor Bloomberg and his gun-control initiatives is crystal clear.
New York Press  |  John DeSio  |  07-09-2007  |  Politics

Mayor Bloomberg's Party Switchnew

When Mike Bloomberg changes his political party stripes, it is never due to ideology, but always due to political expedience -- the party switch sends a clear message to insiders that Bloomberg '08 is set to launch.
New York Press  |  John DeSio  |  06-28-2007  |  Politics

Tom Tancredo on Immigrationnew

The presidential hopeful speaks about his top priority.
New York Press  |  John DeSio  |  06-22-2007  |  Politics

A Congestion Tax Will Hurtnew

New Yorkers will feel the pain of Mayor Bloomberg's congestion tax one way or another.
New York Press  |  John Desio  |  06-14-2007  |  Commentary

The Rundown on Scientology's Purification Rundownnew

What Scientologists aren't telling you about their detox program (and how much it's costing you).
New York Press  |  John DeSio  |  05-31-2007  |  Religion

Hillary Clinton Wants You ... To Pick Her Campaign Songnew

A general public vote on the theme song is probably a good idea for Clinton since her husband's taste in music, at least judging from his own campaign theme, is atrocious, and the apple might not fall far from the spousal tree.
New York Press  |  John DeSio  |  05-24-2007  |  Commentary

Free Don Imusnew

Though the media has picked up Al Sharpton's recent remarks about Mormons somewhat, the coverage pales in comparison to the atmosphere of national crisis that surrounded the Imus incident.
New York Press  |  John DeSio  |  05-17-2007  |  Commentary

It Ain't Easy Being Green, Alnew

Democrats love Al Gore, and will always hold a special place for him in their heart as the man who should have been king -- bt perhaps the country-at-large prefers to keep Gore out of the race because his alarmism on climate change seems, well, less than presidential.
New York Press  |  John DeSio  |  04-19-2007  |  Commentary

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