AltWeeklies Wire Selling Junk Onlinenew

In 2008, New York City's Special Narcotics Prosecutor began leading a team of undercover investigators targeting the drug dealers who used Craigslist to advertise their wares. Three years later, drug dealing on the classified-ads website is still blatant and ubiquitous.
The Village Voice  |  David Shapiro and Joe Coscarelli  |  04-20-2011  |  Drugs

Why Did Gawker Refuse to Run John Cook's Article on Scientology?new

Why didn't Gawker want a big, exclusive and original story, especially in light of its admitted struggles with a new redesign and stated thirst for unique and scandalous features?
The Village Voice  |  Joe Coscarelli  |  03-01-2011  |  Media

Nikki Finke vs. The Dailynew

Rupert Murdoch's new iPad newspaper, The Daily, claims to have a new exclusive: A photo of fearsome Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke.
The Village Voice  |  Joe Coscarelli  |  02-09-2011  |  Media

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