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AIDS Professionals Urge Expansion of HIV Care to Vulnerable Communitiesnew

The goal of a new HIV prevention program in British Columbia is to drastically increase access to effective treatments among vulnerable communities.
The Georgia Straight  |  Jessica Werb  |  05-18-2009  |  Science

Canadian Artists Are Getting Poorernew

A new study indicates that Canadian artists are poorer now than they were over a decade ago.
The Georgia Straight  |  Jessica Werb  |  02-09-2009  |  Economy

Puppeteer Ronnie Burkett's World Has Strings Attachednew

Subjects from strippers to booze mean Ronnie Burkett's acclaimed marionette production isn't exactly The Muppet Show.
The Georgia Straight  |  Jessica Werb  |  02-09-2009  |  Performance

DOXA Adds More Reasons to be Doc-obsessednew

From her vantage point as executive director of the DOXA Documentary Film Festival, which runs from Tuesday to next Sunday (May 27 to June 1), Kristine Anderson has been in a good position to witness the shift in attitudes toward the genre once-thought to be for only die-hard intellectuals.
The Georgia Straight  |  Jessica Werb  |  05-27-2008  |  Movies

Axing of CBC Orchestra Ignites Protestnew

A national uproar has ensued from the news that the Vancouver-based CBC Radio Orchestra is to be dismantled, with protesters lobbing accusations of censorship at the national broadcaster.
The Georgia Straight  |  Jessica Werb  |  04-04-2008  |  Music

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