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Why We Love Our Green Bay Packersnew

It's not just generic fan fever -- it's in our DNA.
Isthmus  |  Jason Joyce  |  01-13-2012  |  Sports

Memories of Stan Van Gundynew

"Beleaguered" would be the perfect word to describe Stan Van Gundy's brief career in Madison as the University of Wisconsin's men's basketball coach, if "disheveled" wasn't also available. But now he stands on the brink of redemption.
Isthmus  |  Jason Joyce  |  06-08-2009  |  Sports

Runner Matt Tegenkamp Looks Forward to His Olympic Momentnew

If Madison's Matt Tegenkamp is feeling nervous about running the race of his life at the Olympics in Beijing next month, he's not showing it.
Isthmus  |  Jason Joyce  |  07-28-2008  |  Sports

Sports Bloggers Don't Deserve the Indignation of Mainstream Commentatorsnew

Blogs are not the enemy. As with any medium, there are good actors and bad. Sports fans are supplementing their consumption of mainstream columnists with their favorite blogs, not choosing one over the other.
Isthmus  |  Jason Joyce  |  06-02-2008  |  Sports

It's 'All Luck and Driving' Out at the Demolition Derbynew

A demolition derby is not a tidy affair -- at the height of an eight-car heat, the air is pungent with exhaust fumes and mud clods are flying into the crowd.
Isthmus  |  Jason Joyce  |  07-16-2007  |  Recreation

Roland Hernandez is Passionate About Baseball Batsnew

Hernandez, who has worked for the Forest Service for 17 years, has started his own bat operation, turning rock-hard sugar maple billets into Rock Bats.
Isthmus  |  Jason Joyce  |  07-02-2007  |  Sports

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