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Death on Two Railsnew

Salvadoran journalist rides the deadly migrant trail.
Tucson Weekly  |  Jarret Keene  |  01-16-2014  |  Books

Drugs 'R' Usnew

Narcoland exposes corruption that fueled the rise of Mexican cartels.
Tucson Weekly  |  Jarret Keene  |  12-05-2013  |  Books

Slow Growernew

Yo La Tengo isn't afraid to let the momentum build gradually
Tucson Weekly  |  Jarret Keene  |  05-06-2013  |  Profiles & Interviews

Cross Purposesnew

Nancy Wood's 'The Soledad Crucifixion' gets hung up on poetic momentum
Tucson Weekly  |  Jarret Keene  |  01-10-2013  |  Books

Lazer Sword: Memorynew

Electronic duo and production team Lazer Sword—Antaeus Roy (aka Lando Kal) and Bryant Rutledge (aka Low Limit)—is back with its first studio effort since 2010's self-titled debut full-length. Memory, out on Modeselektor's Monkeytown label, is only a slight departure from the partnership's crunky roots...
Tucson Weekly  |  Jarret Keene  |  06-25-2012  |  Reviews

Godhunter: Wolvesnew

Local sludge quintet Godhunter finally unveils a proper physical-CD release for their debut five-track album, which became available via the band's Bandcamp site earlier this year. Recorded at Arcane Digital Recording in Chandler and released by Tucson extreme-music label Acid Reflux, Wolves wields a medulla oblongata-wrenching wallop and obvious political (anarcho-libertarian) lyrics...
Tucson Weekly  |  Jarret Keene  |  05-16-2012  |  Reviews

Whirr: Pipe Dreams (Tee Pee)new

Guitarist Nick Bassett of San Francisco black-metal band Deafheaven has a new, wildly different project, a shoegaze-revivalist sextet called Whirr. This mysterious Bay Area band ambitiously seeks to return rock 'n' roll to the year 1991, when My Bloody Valentine pushed miasmic guitar-pop to its outer limits with the acclaimed Loveless...
Tucson Weekly  |  Jarret Keene  |  04-05-2012  |  Reviews

Ray of Lightnew

Despite a life wracked by abuse and loss, a Tucson author heals others through his writing.
Tucson Weekly  |  Jarret Keene  |  03-09-2012  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

Breathe Owl Breathe: The Listeners/These Train Tracksnew

I don't normally go gaga for precious, family-friendly concepts like a 7-inch vinyl record accompanied by a homemade, hand-printed-from-woodblocks children's book. But Michigan indie-folk trio Breathe Owl Breathe, led by part-time author Micah Middaugh, has crafted an exceptional release that deserves attention.
Tucson Weekly  |  Jarret Keene  |  02-11-2012  |  Reviews

Faves From 2011new

Our music critics discuss the best music from the year gone by.
Tucson Weekly  |  Gene Armstrong, Sean Bottai and Jarret Keene  |  12-30-2011  |  Music

Kore Valuesnew

A local press promotes the love of literature with The Big Read
Tucson Weekly  |  Jarret Keene  |  11-10-2011  |  Books

Picking on Papanew

David Ray's Hemingway biography-in-verse sermonizes on a great writer's failings.
Tucson Weekly  |  Jarret Keene  |  10-25-2011  |  Nonfiction

Kin Carenew

Beth Alvarado's memoir tenderly examines her cross-cultural family
Tucson Weekly  |  Jarret Keene  |  09-29-2011  |  Books

Twin Sister: In Heavennew

In the dry heat of a desert summer, nothing sounds livelier, more effervescent, more eardrum-quenching than Twin Sister's debut full-length, In Heaven. A Brooklyn (by way of Long Island) chillwave quintet praised by all the right online tastemakers (i.e., Pitchfork), Twin Sister is led by adorable, chirpy-voiced Andrea Estella, who takes a few cues from disco-dazzled, Parallel Lines-era Blondie and is clearly having too much fun presenting dance-pop gems like orbit-inducing "Space Babe."
Tucson Weekly  |  Jarret Keene  |  09-02-2011  |  Reviews

Nekromantix: What Happens in Hell, Stays in Hellnew

On their new album, Danish-American psychobilly trio Nekromantix seem content to create music with a tongue-in-cheek horror shtick. Sexy new drummer Lux, a YouTube sensation known for her technical prowess and the fact that she plays the kit in high heels, brings a precise, forceful and metallic wallop, resulting in what's arguably the best-produced and most-aggressively arranged effort by a band that's been doing this for 20 years.
Tucson Weekly  |  Jarret Keene  |  08-26-2011  |  Reviews

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