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Hit Like a Girlnew

Women boxers in a man's world.
San Antonio Current  |  Gregg Barrios  |  02-14-2013  |  Sports

A cheater's guide to lovenew

Despite all the TV jokes about New Jersey, it has long been the bedrock for our best writers — from Dorothy Parker and Philip Roth to William Carlos Williams and Allen Ginsberg — and don't forget the Boss, Bruce Springsteen. Now add Junot Díaz to that illustrious list.
San Antonio Current  |  Gregg Barrios  |  09-16-2012  |  Books

An Open Letter to Patti Smithnew

Oh, God, I fell for you. It was your rock journalism that first drew me.
San Antonio Current  |  Gregg Barrios  |  06-14-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

The Beginning of the AIDS Crisisnew

It isn't often that those on the front lines of war or disaster survive to tell their story.
San Antonio Current  |  Gregg Barrios  |  06-14-2012  |  Reviews

'CQ/CX' tells of Hernández's role in Jayson Blair scandalnew

It's been nearly a decade since Macarena Hernández outed the New York Times staff reporter Jayson Blair, the serial plagiarist who did as much damage to the paper's august reputation as Judith Miller's pre-war coverage of the supposed WMDs in Iraq.
San Antonio Current  |  Gregg Barrios  |  04-02-2012  |  Theater

An Unofficial History of San Antonio's Struggling Gay Theater Scenenew

Take a clue from this year’s Tony telecast as Neil Patrick Harris broke into song: “If you feel like someone that this world excludes, it’s no longer only for dudes who like dudes. Attention every breeder, your invited to the theater. It’s not just for gays anymore!”
San Antonio Current  |  Gregg Barrios  |  06-29-2011  |  Theater

A Scorching Odyssey of Death and Rebirthnew

The opening sequence in Incendies is a stunning piece of poetic filmmaking: A desert in the Middle East framed in the window of a barracks where a dozen young Muslim conscripts readied for combat are having their heads shaved. Radiohead’s haunting “You and Whose Army?” quietly plays as the camera zooms in on a child soldier who refuses to blink.
San Antonio Current  |  Gregg Barrios  |  06-20-2011  |  Reviews

Love Does Timenew

Jim Carrey's big, gay moment finally arrives in "I Love You Phillip Morris."
San Antonio Current  |  Gregg Barrios  |  12-22-2010  |  Reviews

The Poetic Radiance of Elizabeth Alexandernew

An interview with poet Elizabeth Alexander, who is also a playwright, essayist, teacher, and current chair of the African American Studies Department at Yale.
San Antonio Current  |  Gregg Barrios  |  10-07-2010  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

Remembering a Chicano Revolt in a Texas Townnew

The Cara Mia Theatre in Dallas recently reenacted a landmark event in Mexican-American civil-rights history: the Crystal City Walkout of 1969. The all-Chicano drama spotlights the valiant students who demanded equity, dignity, and opportunity in their education. Their victory changed the face of Texas public education forever.
San Antonio Current  |  Gregg Barrios  |  12-16-2009  |  Immigration

Norman Mailer: Death of a Titannew

Norman Mailer, one of the last surviving 20th-century literary lions, is dead.
San Antonio Current  |  Gregg Barrios  |  11-14-2007  |  Books

'Flight': Crash, Burn, Arisenew

Sherman Alexie returns with a cliche but grand unified theory.
San Antonio Current  |  Gregg Barrios  |  05-30-2007  |  Fiction

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