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King Mez's My Everlasting Zealnew

As far as rap in The Tar Heel State goes right now, King Mez is our leader. And like The Listening a decade before it, this is the new classic text. (self-released)
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  07-16-2012  |  Reviews

Jazz pianist Robert Glasper doesn't have time for a dead formnew

"Nine times out of 10, when you turn on [a jazz radio station], they're playing stuff from like 1950. It makes the music sound old—like it's already done and now we're just paying homage."
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  03-31-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

The Boast and Bluster of Rapper Big Poohnew

"I adjust to any circumstance/ handle my affairs/ shake the hatred off, show 'em I don't really care/ No we don't compare/ I'm on another stair/ case in point, you ain't fuckin' with my last year."
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  02-28-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

Chuuwee & Sundown's The Millennium Falconnew

Instead of sitting on a pile of Sundown's emailed beats, Chuuwee decided to catch a flight to North Carolina for an 11-day, 12-song recording spree.
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  02-01-2012  |  Reviews

Jozeemo's True Identitynew

East Durham rapper and longtime rabble-rouser Jozeemo claims his latest LP is his last. But he can't quit now; the fun is just getting started.
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  01-30-2012  |  Reviews

Five Words with LiLanew

Durham's other live hip-hop band talks ambition and inclusion.
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  12-21-2011  |  Profiles & Interviews

Kooley High's David Thompsonnew

As it relates to Kooley High, hang time means relevance and continued musical growth—two things they accomplish here, even if the crew is a little fragmented. (Mecca Records)
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  12-08-2011  |  Reviews

Rapsody's For Everythingnew

On For Everything, Rapsody's third full-length project overseen by producer 9th Wonder, her sex appeal and tomboyish, B-girl charisma work in tandem.
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  11-30-2011  |  Reviews

The Away Team's Scars & Stripesnew

The relationship between beatmaker Khrysis and lead emcee Sean Boog has persevered, a fact that's more impressive than the music they continue to make.
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  11-07-2011  |  Reviews

Rapper Big Pooh's Dirty Pretty Thingsnew

With Dirty Pretty Things, Pooh doesn't party as much as he used to, but Durham vocalist Darien Brockington returns from his spiritual hiatus on the penetrating "Soul Music."
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  11-03-2011  |  Reviews

N.C. Hip-Hop Day Sent Mixed Messages About Local Rapnew

9th Wonder's detractors insist he's got no right to proclaim #nchiphopday as a monolithic movement unless his goal is to put everyone on the map.
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  10-06-2011  |  Music

Brooklyn MC Jean Grae Gets Ready to Go "Music Heavy"new

"My persona/ personality is not made up, it's honest and vulnerable. From choosing what I wear every day to my tattoos -- I try to be inappropriately appropriate."
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  09-08-2011  |  Profiles & Interviews

Actual Proof's Still Hotter Than Julynew

(Jamla Records) On the latest project from this North Carolina hip-hop duo, Enigma and Sundown find themselves trying something larger—less spring-and-snap action and more knockout, bare-knuckle boxing.
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  08-16-2011  |  Reviews

Heather Victoria's Graffiti Diarynew

A Jamla recording artist, Victoria is a freshly minted, B.E.T.-black songstress trying to repave the bridge that R&B icon Mary J. Blige built from soul to hip-hop.
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  05-31-2011  |  Reviews

King Mez: The King's Khrysisnew

This six-song set of self-assured work with N.C.'s best beat statesman, Khrysis, is a proclamation of the aggressiveness previously missing from some of Mez's work.
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  05-09-2011  |  Reviews

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