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Gil Scott-Heron's Remarkable New Record, 'I'm New Here'new

Gil Scott-Heron is the gruff-voiced griot and spoken-word poet who laid a good chunk of the foundation for what we know today as rapping. I'm New Here is his unremitting self-portrait of a man who's had years to catalogue and now capture his paranoia, thrills and agitations.
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  02-04-2010  |  Reviews

Pete Rock, DJ Premier and the Praise of Disciplesnew

Hip-hop producers Pete Rock and DJ Premier remain among the most musically and culturally important in hip-hop's lifespan. We talked with five area artists (two of whom will perform Saturday) whose careers have been influenced by Pete and Primo.
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  12-10-2009  |  Profiles & Interviews

C'mon, Del, Give Us Something to Care Aboutnew

Del the Funky Homosapien—probably the first rapper to ever sport a nose ring and a lip ring—has long had a peculiar way of traversing the hip-hop world, and his latest effort isn't any different.
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  04-23-2009  |  Profiles & Interviews

Big Pooh Strikes Out Solo on 'Rapper's Delight'new

Rapper Big Pooh's mixtape is the Little Brother emcee's latest litmus test for a serious solo career post-Little Brother, if that day ever comes.
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  10-02-2008  |  Reviews

Little Brother Reworks 'Justus'new

The duo is re-releasing it in retail form with 16 full-length songs, omitting much of Mick Boogie's superfluous cascade of DJ punch-ins, shout-outs and drops.
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  08-25-2008  |  Reviews

Phonte Coleman Flashes Back with 'Zo! and Tigallo Love the '80s'new

A collaboration with Detroit musician Zo!, Little Brother's Phonte Coleman laughs himself across hip-hop semi-stardom by revisiting the follies of '80s synth-silly chart toppers.
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  08-07-2008  |  Reviews

Yahzarah Reintroduces Herself as Purple St. Jamesnew

With the Purple St. James of The Prelude, you get the feeling she could care less if there was music behind her or not: All at once, her voice confabulates, celebrates, massages, cries.
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  08-07-2008  |  Reviews

KAZE Could Certainly Teach a Course in Agitpropnew

Block 2The Basement -- part of Rawkus Records' plan to release 50 albums by 50 relative unknowns -- perpetuates the image of KAZE as hip hop's selfless lensman, directing the attention away from any personal woes by focusing on the broader malaises of this hip-hop generation.
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  06-19-2008  |  Reviews

Fresh Edutainmentnew

With this debut, Kooley High sounds less like a hip-hop contrivance with a stately objective and more like a few hip-hop fans who decided to get together one night, goof-off and rap to some beats. Thing is, they can actually make good songs.
INDY Week  |  Eric Tullis  |  03-06-2008  |  Reviews

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