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Marianne Dissard: The Cat. Not Menew

French-born Marianne Dissard left her longtime home of Tucson last year, but not before recording her third proper album, one that pairs ambitious musical leaps with greater emotional vulnerability. Variety has characterized Dissard's musical path, from 2008's L'Entredeux (written with and produced by Calexico's Joey Burns), which found Dissard channeling Americana through her French chanson tradition, to the bright and theatrical L'Abandon (2011) to two loose, off-the cuff recordings, made in Berlin and Paris with her small touring ensembles...
Tucson Weekly  |  Eric Swedlund  |  02-13-2014  |  Reviews

Ballad of a Broken Worldnew

Justin St. Germain's memoir, Son of a Gun, is a striking debut by a former Tucsonan.
Tucson Weekly  |  Eric Swedlund  |  08-19-2013  |  Books

Stunning Tonto Forevernew

Looking back at one of Tucson's greatest record labels and the project that's bringing the music new life.
Tucson Weekly  |  Eric Swedlund  |  02-07-2013  |  Music

Mean Creek: 'Youth Companion'new

Boston's Mean Creek play a bold and exciting guitar rock that recalls both '90s alternative and '80s post-punk.
Tucson Weekly  |  Eric Swedlund  |  11-15-2012  |  Reviews

The Drowning Men: All of the Unknownnew

The Drowning Men are trying for a lot of things at once: The Oceanside, Calif., quintet blend folk, stately indie rock, dark subject matter, occasional bursts of punk energy and more.
Tucson Weekly  |  Eric Swedlund  |  10-11-2012  |  Reviews

The Helio Sequence: Negotiationsnew

Nobody does shimmering cool quite like the Helio Sequence. [image-1] With sparse instrumentation—guitars, keyboards and drums—and a sense of all-enveloping reverb, the Oregon duo of Brandon Summers and Benjamin Weikel essentially spins gold from hay...
Tucson Weekly  |  Eric Swedlund  |  10-04-2012  |  Reviews

Filling the 'Void'new

After adding two new members, Dr. Dog reaches a whole new level
Tucson Weekly  |  Eric Swedlund  |  09-29-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

Foxygen: Take the Kids Off Broadwaynew

Rarely is bedroom pop played with such hyperactive abandon. Foxygen, the duo of Sam France and Jonathan Rado, present a debut album that never sits still, careening wildly, even within individual songs, across a wide range of pop, rock and avant-garde influences.
Tucson Weekly  |  Eric Swedlund  |  09-13-2012  |  Reviews

Coming of Agenew

Brandi Carlile's genre-busting new album debuts in the Top 10
Tucson Weekly  |  Eric Swedlund  |  08-16-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

Misery Breeds Beautynew

Gillian Welch turns in excellent early-country-bluegrass duets on her first album in eight years.
Tucson Weekly  |  Eric Swedlund  |  06-18-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

Greg Laswell: Landlinenew

San Diego singer-songwriter Greg Laswell left for rural Maine to record his latest album, and he found some moody depths that make Landline an edgier work. Oddly, though, in the songs that come from the isolation of recording in an old church turned house, it's Laswell's collaborations with other singers that stand out...
Tucson Weekly  |  Eric Swedlund  |  05-29-2012  |  Reviews

Wonderful Bubblenew

Montreal's Plants and Animals lowered the pressure to record their third full-length album
Tucson Weekly  |  Eric Swedlund  |  05-24-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

Great Lake Swimmers: New Wild Everywherenew

Toronto songwriter Tony Dekker leads Great Lake Swimmers, an electrified folk orchestra striving for the same agelessness that's carried decades of roots music. New Wild Everywhere finds Dekker writing with a troubadour's restlessness, filling his songs with elemental and natural imagery—fire, wind, storms, animals, wounds, dreams and desires...
Tucson Weekly  |  Eric Swedlund  |  05-17-2012  |  Reviews

Andrew Bird: Break It Yourselfnew

"This peculiar incantation, I'm sure you've heard it before," Andrew Bird sings on "Desperation Breeds ...," the first song on Break It Yourself, his sixth solo album. As an introduction to the album, it's an interesting notion, both true and sort of false...
Tucson Weekly  |  Eric Swedlund  |  04-20-2012  |  Reviews

Many Facetsnew

On their chart-topping second album, the members of fun. get introspective
Tucson Weekly  |  Eric Swedlund  |  03-31-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

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