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Zoe Kazan, an Indie Starlet on the Verge of Fame, Doesn't Need More 'Friends'new

Zoe Kazan is contemplating suicide. No, not in real life, where she’s doing just fine, thank you very much. But she’s had it with that dubious realm of interactivity known as Facebook. So it may be time for online suicide.
New York Press  |  Eric Kohn  |  03-11-2010  |  Profiles & Interviews

It's Been a Banner Year For Brooklyn-Based Movies. But Is There a 'Brooklyn Film'?new

The notably thriving social enclaves of Brooklyn—particularly the areas of Williamsburg and Greenpoint—have grown increasingly gentrified in direct proportion to the down-and-dirty mystique. In that conflict lies a distinct two-headed beast ever-present in the movies of the region.
New York Press  |  Eric Kohn  |  12-10-2009  |  Movies

Harmony Korine Talks About Creating a World of 'Killing, Fucking and Burning'new

When I sat down with Korine last week before the world premiere of Trash Humpers, he hadn't done any interviews about it yet, and admitted that he wasn't quite sure how to express his intentions. So we hammered it out together.
New York Press  |  Eric Kohn  |  10-01-2009  |  Profiles & Interviews

Some of Your Beeswax: Director Andrew Bujalski Chatsnew

If the word “mumblecore” ever meant anything in the first place, it definitely had something to do with Andrew Bujalski. The lo-fi indie director of Funny Ha Ha and Mutual Appreciation debuted his third feature, Beeswax, in March, and speaks about the film festival favorite.
New York Press  |  Eric Kohn  |  08-06-2009  |  Profiles & Interviews

The Directors of 'Tokyo!' Explain What They Were Thinkingnew

One of the strangest anthology films of recent memory, Tokyo! unites the distinctive visions of three individualistic filmmakers: Michel Gondry, Leos Carax and Bong Joon-Ho. Needless to say, it's not your average tourist video.
New York Press  |  Eric Kohn  |  03-05-2009  |  Profiles & Interviews

'Memorial Day': Boned and Readynew

Memorial Day displays major cojones with its graphic depiction of human brutality, but its in-your-face didacticism comes with loads of naivete.
New York Press  |  Eric Kohn  |  02-05-2009  |  Reviews

'Donkey Punch': Butt It Hurtsnew

Oliver Blackburn’s British thriller offers a unique thrill: It indulges in juvenile scares by placing them in a larger canvas of sophisticated moods, developing the scenario with remarkably shrewd structural finesse.
New York Press  |  Eric Kohn  |  01-22-2009  |  Reviews

'Special' is for Every Guy Who Still Dreams He May be Superhumannew

A chronicle of mental decline masquerading as science fiction, Special stars perennial character actor Michael Rapaport as Les, a likable dolt whose momentary respite from the monotony of his life as a lonely meter maid comes from reading comic books.
New York Press  |  Eric Kohn  |  11-20-2008  |  Reviews

Clark Gregg Chokes on 'Choke'new

Gregg embraces Chuck Palahniuk's faux nihilism at the expense of his characters.
New York Press  |  Eric Kohn  |  09-25-2008  |  Reviews

Chris Eska's 'August Evening' Ponders the Troubled Assimilation of Illegal Immigrantsnew

With a healthy dose of good intentions, the film has the fine-tuned backbone of an observant family drama.
New York Press  |  Eric Kohn  |  09-04-2008  |  Reviews

The Homeless World Cup Gets Mainstream Exposure in 'Kicking It'new

The popularization of sports documentaries in recent years has allowed for the rise of a new genre dealing exclusively with fringe athletic pursuits, and the appeal of Kicking It falls between the intensity of furious quadriplegics in Murderball to the full-grown geeks reigning over the arcade world in King of Kong.
New York Press  |  Eric Kohn  |  06-26-2008  |  Reviews

Intelligent Steroid Doc Sees Both Sides of the Issuenew

Without endorsing use of the drug, Chris Bell, who's a bodybuilder himself, dives into the heated debates surrounding the maligned practice and finds something pretty damn close to an even-handed portrait, if not a fair and balanced one.
New York Press  |  Eric Kohn  |  05-29-2008  |  Reviews

Uwe Boll's 'Postal' Fails to Comprehend Its Own Corrupt Naturenew

Based on the mindlessly violent series of first-person shooters, Postal contains the same intensely farcical bloodshed, but it's Boll's knuckleheaded misinterpretation of topical humor that really gets me.
New York Press  |  Eric Kohn  |  05-22-2008  |  Reviews

Trying Out Tribecanew

By blending obscure titles with the work of proven talent, Tribeca provides a resolutely solid collage of the film community's modern state.
New York Press  |  Eric Kohn  |  04-24-2008  |  Movies

Nobody Loves a Nobodynew

If David Lynch remade Taxi Driver with equal doses of Eraserhead and The Elephant Man, the result might look something like the drab existential loneliness of Ronald Bronstein's Frownland.
New York Press  |  Eric Kohn  |  03-06-2008  |  Reviews

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