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How Bruce Eaton Uncovered the Story of Rock's Foremost Cult Band and Their Masterpiece Albumnew

Eaton's book Big Star-Radio City proves one of the most compelling and balanced in the 33+1/3 series to date.
Artvoice  |  Donny Kutzbach  |  11-09-2009  |  Music

'The Best of Jimmy Hughes' is a Long-Overdue Collectionnew

It only takes a verse and chorus of "I Worship the Ground You Walk On" to realize that Jimmy Hughes is one of the most criminally overlooked early maestros of the soul music explosion.
Artvoice  |  Donny Kutzbach  |  11-10-2008  |  Reviews

Ben Lee Has Earned His Place as a Youthful Elder of Indie Popnew

Lee was the kid fronting lo-fi garage rock teens Noise Addict when they were signed to a record deal by the Beastie Boys; eventually he rose to international acclaim via a series of stunning yet unpretentious solo records.
Artvoice  |  Donny Kutzbach  |  09-29-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

David Byrne and Brian Eno Collaborate Once Againnew

Thanks to the internet, this iconic pair of rock innovators realized their first collaboration since 1981's My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. The long-distance results of Everything That Happens Will Happen Today are not merely cohesive but ultimately result in a textured and nuanced record of abstract, gospel-toned songs.
Artvoice  |  Donny Kutzbach  |  08-25-2008  |  Reviews

Hot Tracks for Summernew

In the iPod age, it's easy to have your favorite songs within reach; these go great with bright skies and warm breezes.
Artvoice  |  Donny Kutzbach  |  06-06-2008  |  Music

Songs Contain Strong Storytellingnew

While their penchant for snippet songs hasn’t been completely cast away, the shaggy and unpolished, unfinished nature of the songs largely has — at least on the band’s latest, Whitespace Differences (Tinhorn Planet) — and been replaced by loops, electronic sputtering and lush, synthetic arrangements.
Artvoice  |  Donny Kutzbach  |  01-31-2008  |  Reviews

Neil Young's Finest Momentsnew

How do you pick just a handful of songs from the 40-year career of rock’s most esteemed, chameleon-like, oft-copied (never duplicated), guitar-thrashing icon?
Artvoice  |  Donny Kutzbach  |  11-30-2007  |  Concerts

Emmylou Harris Presents Her Bestnew

For Songbird, Harris compiles her favorite moments -- largely lost and unheralded tracks -- from her nearly 40 years in music. The 12-time Grammy winner has a lot of fine moments to cull from for this stunning five-disc compendium.
Artvoice  |  Donny Kutzbach  |  10-12-2007  |  Reviews

Far From the Straight-ahead Career Retrospectivenew

While The Future Is Unwritten offers some rarities that will leave Clash completists chuffed, the real story here is the textured aural verite that provides the panoramic musical tableaux of Strummer's life.
Artvoice  |  Donny Kutzbach  |  06-29-2007  |  Reviews

The Arcade Fire's Hue Testamentnew

Neon Bible is nothing short of marvelous.
Artvoice  |  Donny Kutzbach  |  03-09-2007  |  Reviews

Box Set Celebrate's Elektra's Art Over Commercenew

Forever Changing speaks to the power of Jac Holzman's ideal.
Artvoice  |  Donny Kutzbach  |  02-26-2007  |  Reviews

Artvoice's Top 20 Albums of 2004

While it may have not have been the best year for some of our usual “stand-bys,” 2004 graced us with releases from new contenders for the prize like angular Scot guitar-poppists Franz Ferdinand and the unapologetically arty rockers Arcade Fire.
Artvoice  |  Matthew Barber, Jennifer Behrens, Donny Kutzbach, Tracy Marrow, Mark Norris and Joe Sweeney  |  01-04-2005  |  Reviews

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