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The Legal Battle Over Texas Oyster Reefsnew

The Texas Gulf Coast has become a battleground among oystermen fighting for control of the reefs on the bottom of the bay, and Texas may be only the beginning.
Houston Press  |  Dianna Wray  |  01-30-2015  |  Environment

Cold Case: The Murders of Cosby and Jacksonnew

The murders of Britney Cosby and Crystal Jackson, her girlfriend, made national news. Then the cameras went away. 40 weeks later, with Cosby's father sitting in a jail cell, no one has been charged with their murders.
Houston Press  |  Dianna Wray  |  01-07-2015  |  Crime & Justice

Stroke Misdiagnosis Leaves Woman Speechlessnew

The first hospital said her problems were all in her mind. The second said that she was having a stroke. A stroke from which she most likely would have made a full recovery if she'd received immediate treatment at the first ER.
Houston Press  |  Dianna Wray  |  09-04-2014  |  Health

The Dark Side of the Boomnew

Prosperity in Texas has a way of rising and falling with the oil business, but not for everyone. What a town becomes a boomtown, those outside the oil business can't keep up.
Houston Press  |  Dianna Wray  |  07-31-2014  |  Economy

Houston's Space Problemnew

The Johnson Space Center used to be one of the most important parts of the space program. Thanks to budget cuts and a rudderless NASA, the Center has been lost in the shuffle.
Houston Press  |  Dianna Wray  |  04-23-2014  |  Science

A Summer Camp Sexual Abuse Nightmarenew

An 11-year-old sent to summer camp returns to his family with a horrible secret. Things only got worse when the camp tried to cover the incident up.
Houston Press  |  Dianna Wray  |  02-20-2014  |  Children & Families

Can Buffalo Bayou Survive the Latest Plan to Save It?new

Plans to reroute Buffalo Bayou will rescue an unstable waterway. Or they will destroy one of the last natural stretches of riparian forest on the bayou. Consensus seems to have taken a hike.
Houston Press  |  Dianna Wray  |  01-09-2014  |  Environment

The Alabama-Coushatta Still Existnew

Beset by federal budget cuts, no written history and a general lack of recognition, the Alabama-Coushatta try to learn a different way of being indian.
Houston Press  |  Dianna Wray  |  11-13-2013  |  Features

Everyone Says They Want the Best for North Forest Students, As Long As They Stand to

HISD didn't just absorb North Forest out of the goodness of its heart. There's some real benefits in the acquisition to the mega district and its superintendent. Hopefully for the kids as well.
Houston Press  |  Dianna Wray  |  10-02-2013  |  Education

Uninsured Patients Slammed with Lawsuits by Not-for-Profit Hospitalnew

Memorial Hermann treats patients without insurance, tells them not to worry about the cost and then sues them for thousands of dollars.
Houston Press  |  Dianna Wray  |  07-26-2013  |  Health

Dow Chemical Tries to Avoid Hot Water in Worker’s Deathnew

Brian Johns suffered chemical burns over 65 percent of his body in a Deer Park plant explosion. A representative of his company, a subsidiary of Dow Chemical, tried to tell doctors Johns had just encountered some really hot water.
Houston Press  |  Dianna Wray  |  06-12-2013  |  Business & Labor

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