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Searching for the self-sufficient soul of basketball in the local semipro circuitnew

In the Tobacco Road Basketball League it's clear that the players and their love of the game is the answer.
INDY Week  |  David Fellerath  |  05-08-2014  |  Sports

Renoir the painter and Renoir the filmmakernew

Renoir, a ravishing and sensuous imagining of one summer late in the life of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, makes the great painter's work matter again by putting an aging man's passions into an emotional and historical context.
INDY Week  |  David Fellerath  |  05-09-2013  |  Reviews

Battered but unbowed, Mike Daisey brings his new show to Durhamnew

American Utopias—which tackles Burning Man, Disney World and Zuccotti Park, the locus of Occupy Wall Street—is an outgrowth of Daisey's long interest in mythmaking and totemic objects.
INDY Week  |  David Fellerath  |  01-30-2013  |  Theater

Django Unchainednew

Tarantino's new film, Django Unchained, is a pulp fantasy of the antebellum South in which a black man avenges slavery by killing a lot of white people.
INDY Week  |  David Fellerath  |  12-26-2012  |  Reviews

Surviving sobriety in Smashednew

A less naïve viewer (than myself) might readily see Smashed for what it is: a vehicle for an ambitious young talent to escape the straitjacket of typecasting. This is Mary Elizabeth Winstead's movie, and she's a charmer.
INDY Week  |  David Fellerath  |  12-05-2012  |  Reviews

Documenting The Other Dream Team, from Lithuanianew

What was little understood in the aftermath of the U.S. basketball team's defeat at the 1988 Olympics was that the top players on the winning Soviet team were not Russian, but Lithuanian.
INDY Week  |  David Fellerath  |  11-07-2012  |  Reviews

A writer with power in Ruby Sparksnew

The amusing but ultimately tepid comedy Ruby Sparks has a provocative and potentially harrowing premise.
INDY Week  |  David Fellerath  |  08-08-2012  |  Reviews

Hyper-violent, soul-suckingly awful Savagesnew

Savages was clearly assembled by a committee charged with synthesizing the hippest films about crime and Mexico of the last generation.
INDY Week  |  David Fellerath  |  07-06-2012  |  Reviews

Remarkably insipid Hysteria recounts the invention of the vibratornew

What could have been a quirky and entertaining tale of Victorian London plus vibrators instead turns into 90 minutes of predictable plot lines and flat characters.
INDY Week  |  David Fellerath  |  06-18-2012  |  Reviews

An Algerian immigrant teaches Canadian children in Monsieur Lazharnew

The film is a tale of healing—for the children, who despite their material comfort are suffering from emotional neglect, and for Lazhar, who is applying for political asylum after suffering a terrible trauma in Algeria.
INDY Week  |  David Fellerath  |  05-16-2012  |  Reviews

Whit Stillman returns with Damsels in Distressnew

When Stillman's first film appeared in 1990, he was hailed as New York's WASP answer to Woody Allen. His movies reflect a conservative New England sensibility, of private schools, good manners, and unfashionable social and political opinions argued eloquently and amusingly.
INDY Week  |  David Fellerath  |  05-02-2012  |  Reviews

The Kid With a Bike is a moving tale from the great Dardenne brothersnew

While I'm grateful for any opportunity to see a film by les Dardennes, this latest makes me wonder if they've become risk-averse.
INDY Week  |  David Fellerath  |  04-26-2012  |  Reviews

Strikingly similar stories from Israel and Japan in Footnote and Jiro Dreams of Sushinew

One is a fiction feature from Israel; the other is a documentary about a Tokyo sushi chef. The dissimilarities end there. Both films feature an aging father and a middle-aged son, and both depict the lifelong obsession of the older man and the pitfalls of passing the torch to his heir.
INDY Week  |  David Fellerath  |  04-20-2012  |  Reviews

Polish film In Darkness Digs Deeper into WWII anti-Semitismnew

In Darkness is an unhappy portrait of humanity flailing about in the sewers, and things didn't get much worse than Poland and Ukraine in 1943: Virtually all of the 200,000 Jews in the vicinity of Lvov were annihilated.
INDY Week  |  David Fellerath  |  04-13-2012  |  Reviews

The human beast in Bullhead and Thin Icenew

The Belgian crime drama Bullhead, which was among this year's foreign film Oscar nominees, is as clumsy and misshapen as its unfortunate protagonist, a bulked-up cattle farmer and gangster named Jacky Vanmarsenille.
INDY Week  |  David Fellerath  |  03-31-2012  |  Reviews

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