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When Landlords Lienew

Last year, Charles Oshinuga’s landlord lied in court while trying to evict him and his neighbors. Yet despite winning a jury trial, Oshinuga still lost his Oakland home.
East Bay Express  |  Darwin BondGraham  |  02-03-2016  |  Housing & Development

Banking on Coal in Oaklandnew

Records show that a secretive plan to ship coal through the Port of Oakland is being driven by a company that wants to massively expand its coal mining operations in Utah and by a public official who stands to profit personally.
East Bay Express  |  Darwin BondGraham  |  08-18-2015  |  Energy

Oakland Has a Transparency Problemnew

Numerous boards and commissions in Oakland — and elsewhere in the East Bay — routinely violate local and state open meeting laws.
East Bay Express  |  Darwin BondGraham  |  05-06-2015  |  Policy Issues

Counter-Terrorism Officials Helped Track Black Lives Matter Protestersnew

A cache of California Highway Patrol emails provides a glimpse into how anti-terrorism agents helped law enforcement officials monitor Black Lives Matter protesters on the web.
East Bay Express  |  Darwin BondGraham  |  04-15-2015  |  Civil Liberties

Welcome to Taco Hellnew

Fast-food workers, particularly in Oakland, often face extremely dangerous conditions, while toiling long hours for corporations that refuse to pay a living wage.
East Bay Express  |  Darwin BondGraham  |  02-25-2015  |  Business & Labor

Are Foreclosure Cases Rigged?new

The financial ties that many judges have to banks raise questions about conflicts of interest and a bias against homeowners victimized by mortgage fraud.
East Bay Express  |  Darwin BondGraham  |  05-14-2014  |  Housing & Development

Labor's Great Regressionnew

The economic recovery hasn't reached the bottom half of the Bay Area's workforce, and unemployment, underemployment, and low wages have become the new normal.
East Bay Express  |  Darwin BondGraham  |  09-06-2013  |  Economy

Who's Profiting from Oakland's Gun Violence?new

As the city struggles with violent crime, major gun makers and their lobbyists are making a financial killing.
East Bay Express  |  Ali Winston and Darwin BondGraham  |  02-21-2013  |  Crime & Justice

Teachers Financing Gunsnew

The California state teachers' retirement system is attempting to divest itself from a company that finances the manufacture of assault weapons like the one used at Sandy Hook Elementary School. But even if it does, it still won't be out of the gun business.
East Bay Express  |  Darwin BondGraham  |  01-22-2013  |  Policy Issues

The Next Peet's?new

Blue Bottle Coffee was recently purchased by a trio of venture capitalists known for growing small start-ups and then selling them to big companies.
East Bay Express  |  Darwin BondGraham  |  11-28-2012  |  Business & Labor

Is an Oakland Port Strike Looming?new

Workers contend that it's unfair for the Port of Oakland to demand more concessions at time when the agency enjoys a financial surplus.
East Bay Express  |  Darwin BondGraham  |  09-05-2012  |  Business & Labor

The High Costs of Outsourcing Policenew

Nine out of ten Oakland cops live outside the city -- a fact that costs Oakland nearly $200 million in lost revenues a year, and may explain the department's disconnect with the people it's supposed to serve and protect.
East Bay Express  |  Darwin BondGraham and Ali Winston  |  08-10-2012  |  Policy Issues

Police-Related Legal Costs Spike in Oaklandnew

The total legal costs for police misconduct was $13.1 million last year, according to OPD records.
East Bay Express  |  Ali Winston and Darwin BondGraham  |  06-26-2012  |  Crime & Justice

When Will Oakland Go Green?new

Some Bay Area communities are forming public-power networks to buy and build renewable energy, but East Bay cities have been slow to join the green revolution. Is that about to change?
East Bay Express  |  Darwin BondGraham  |  05-30-2012  |  Environment

The Greek Connectionnew

California's massive pension fund is inadvertently backing attacks on Greece's middle class that could tank Europe and America's economies.
East Bay Express  |  Darwin BondGraham  |  02-23-2012  |  Economy

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