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In Theaters Now: Red Hook Summernew

This is a Spike Lee Joint and disharmony is Lee's stock-in-trade.
Random Lengths News  |  Danny Simon  |  08-30-2012  |  Reviews

In Theaters Now: Total Recallnew

Total Recall is filled with gritty CGI, bad acting, and beautiful people. This film contains the requisite witty black sidekick, explosions, and cars without wheels. What it doesn’t contain is a purpose.
Random Lengths News  |  Danny Simon  |  08-08-2012  |  Reviews

In Theaters Now: The Dark Knight Risesnew

On Friday night, I anxiously peered through the movie theatre dim for a gun totting psychopath. I scanned the exits, though doubtless, I would’ve been powerless to protect myself or anyone around me from harm. Call it irrational paranoia or rational cautiousness, I feared that a copy cat or a conspirator in league with James Eagan Holmes would visit death upon the audience. We see movies to temporarily escape the realities of our lives yet, while we share the director’s vision, we are terribly vulnerable to acts of violent lunacy. As the trailers rolled by, I wondered how this hadn’t happened before and how long before it will happen again.
Random Lengths News  |  Danny Simon  |  07-23-2012  |  Reviews

Lincoln Made Into Just Another Action Heronew

Over the weekend, a twelve year old named Charlie saw Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.
Random Lengths News  |  Danny Simon  |  06-26-2012  |  Reviews

Something from Nothing Belongs in Hip Hip Canonnew

This documentary eschews the expected celebrity egomania and gets at the process of how complex wordplay is inspired and constructed to fit the beat. And along the way, the film exposes a central truth often obscured by posturing and media noise. The artists that create rap are the biggest fans of all.
Random Lengths News  |  Danny Simon  |  06-22-2012  |  Reviews

Prometheus: In space, no one can hear you scream, or scratch your headnew

It’s always hard to understand why any director would choose to tarnish the memory of the project that made their career. Lucas. Spielberg. And now, Ridley Scott. These guys have vaults like Scrooge McDuck, so what makes them so careless with their legacy?
Random Lengths News  |  Danny Simon  |  06-13-2012  |  Reviews

In Theaters Now #1: The Five-Year Engagementnew

I got lucky the other night, well kinda. Romantic comedies generally follow a predictable course; there is the meeting of an unlikely couple, the “getting-to-know-you” montage, the cumming together, the falling apart, and the big happy double reach around ending. Like crack cocaine or chocolate, rom-coms are designed to momentarily distract us from our comparably imperfect lives in which we don’t look, talk or fuck like the movie stars on the screen. Ironically, the distraction offered by rom-coms fuels a sense of dissatisfaction so we need more distraction and then poof, we’re stuck in a rom-com downward death spin cycle which retards the audience just a bit more with every incarnation.
Random Lengths News  |  Danny Simon  |  05-13-2012  |  Reviews

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