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The 14th Annual Muzzle Awardsnew

An annual look at the dishonorable enemies of free speech and personal liberty in New England.
Boston Phoenix  |  Dan Kennedy  |  06-30-2011  |  Civil Liberties

The Twelfth Annual 'Boston Phoenix' Muzzle Awardsnew

Every year around our nation's birthday, the Boston Phoenix honors the dishonorable — those people and institutions who did the most to trample free speech in New England.
Boston Phoenix  |  Dan Kennedy  |  07-09-2009  |  Civil Liberties

The 2008 Phoenix Muzzle Awardsnew

Freedom of expression may be guaranteed by the Constitution, but it's an idea we have to fight for every day. We round up the past year's most conspicuous enemies.
Boston Phoenix  |  Dan Kennedy  |  06-26-2008  |  Civil Liberties

A Tale of Two Papersnew

AltWeeklies Award - Media Reporting
Boston Phoenix  |  Dan Kennedy  |  04-21-2008  |  Media

Is Internet Populism Destined for Corporate Ruin?new

The threat is real -- if "net neutrality" is lost, we'll be getting most of our online content from the same media giants that dominate broadcast, cable, and print.
Boston Phoenix  |  Dan Kennedy  |  10-10-2007  |  Media

The 10th Annual Muzzle Awardsnew

A tribute to the enemies of free speech and other civil liberties in New England -- from Mitt Romney to the PC crowd at Tufts.
Boston Phoenix  |  Dan Kennedy  |  07-06-2007  |  Civil Liberties

The Muzzle Awards 2006new

We present our annual roundup of people and institutions that undermined free speech and civil liberties -- but first, a word about George W. Bush.
Boston Phoenix  |  Dan Kennedy  |  06-29-2006  |  Civil Liberties

The Trouble With Being Hillarynew

Many of the same folks who were gunning for husband Bill are out to get her. What's a power-player to do?
Boston Phoenix  |  Dan Kennedy  |  06-16-2005  |  Politics

Targeting NPRnew

Despite studies that show public radio’s audience is diverse and its news coverage bias-free, the White House’s hatchet man threatens our most vital source of broadcast news.
Boston Phoenix  |  Dan Kennedy  |  06-07-2005  |  Media

John Kerry and Mitt Romney Gear Up for ’08new

Just seven months after yet another Massachusetts presidential contender was rejected by the electorate, it looks as if the Bay State political establishment will not avail itself of the opportunity to sit this one out.
Boston Phoenix  |  Dan Kennedy  |  05-31-2005  |  Politics

Newsweek's Not the Issue; U.S. Policy Isnew

Newsweek's screw-up is a gift to right-wingers looking to blame the media for Bush's foreign-policy failures.
Boston Phoenix  |  Dan Kennedy  |  05-19-2005  |  Media

The Next Great Indecency Threatnew

The religious right (and a few liberals) already have broadcasters on the run. Coming up: Cable, satellite, and -- just possibly -- the Internet.
Boston Phoenix  |  Dan Kennedy  |  05-12-2005  |  Media

Holy Steamrollersnew

The religious right attempts a coup against the federal judiciary. Will it succeed -- or prompt a backlash?
Boston Phoenix  |  Dan Kennedy  |  04-28-2005  |  Politics

While Network News Flounders, the Present Belongs to NPRnew

Now that early-evening network news programming has sustained a series of body blows, it looks as if NPR -- certainly not cable -- is the wave of the future for serious news-followers.
Boston Phoenix  |  Dan Kennedy  |  04-15-2005  |  Media

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