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We Forgetnew

Five years after 9/11, we find your memory wandering around Vegas.
OC Weekly  |  Cornel Bonca  |  09-08-2006  |  Commentary

Judas: So Hot Right Now!new

After a 2,000-year career as Christianity's bad boy, Judas Iscariot is getting his 15 minutes of fame and freaking out the faithful.
OC Weekly  |  Cornel Bonca  |  06-02-2006  |  Religion

Sorrow Floatsnew

Periodically buoyant, Perfect Example is a tender little yelp of a book.
OC Weekly  |  Cornel Bonca  |  05-05-2006  |  Nonfiction

The French Really Like Usnew

American Vertigo expands upon Tocqueville's territory.
OC Weekly  |  Cornel Bonca  |  03-24-2006  |  Nonfiction

Love Machinenew

Krauss' newest novel generates its own romance.
OC Weekly  |  Cornel Bonca  |  03-03-2006  |  Fiction

Consider the Wallacenew

Eight books into his career, David Foster Wallace remains a prisoner of postmodern irony.
OC Weekly  |  Cornel Bonca  |  01-13-2006  |  Nonfiction

Hot for Teachernew

Sarah Bench-Salorio, a 29-year-old Southern California teacher, was recently convicted of 29 counts of lewd conduct for having had sex with three boys, each under 13 years old.
OC Weekly  |  Cornel Bonca  |  01-13-2006  |  Sex

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