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The Way Forwardnew

After a bloodless coup, the Fund for the Arts eyes … itself?
LEO Weekly  |  Cary Stemle  |  06-23-2011  |  Performance

Idol Chatternew

In defense of "American Idol".
LEO Weekly  |  Cary Stemle  |  05-25-2011  |  TV

Get Under The Bus?new

In education reform, the feds are dealing a high-stakes game, and cash-poor states are hard-pressed not to play.
LEO Weekly  |  Cary Stemle  |  08-06-2010  |  Education

The Kids on the Bus: The Never-Ending Trouble With School Integrationnew

Fifty-five years after Brown; 45 years after the Civil Rights Act; and 34 years after Louisville started busing, the issue remains controversial. Consensus seems elusive, and like so many things in contemporary life, one's views may hinge on whose ox is being gored.
LEO Weekly  |  Cary Stemle  |  08-21-2009  |  Education

Spunky Doesn't Give a Damnnew

A year in the life of a dog-training class.
LEO Weekly  |  Cary Stemle  |  02-25-2008  |  Animal Issues

No More False Dichotomies: Don't Piecemeal Me, Bronew

It's too bad we can't elect a president by pastiche. There are various bits to like about various candidates, but no single one seems worth swooning over.
LEO Weekly  |  Cary Stemle  |  01-15-2008  |  Commentary

Will Louisville's Voters Take the Bait?new

The library tax haggle gets weird.
LEO Weekly  |  Cary Stemle and Rick Redding  |  10-22-2007  |  Policy Issues

Patty Griffin & Louisville Are Old Friendsnew

She's a big name in folk-rock now, but Louisville knew her way back when.
LEO Weekly  |  Cary Stemle  |  08-14-2007  |  Profiles & Interviews

One Hell of a Weeknew

John Cusack, star of Grace is Gone, talks about the Sundance crowd favorite.
LEO Weekly  |  Cary Stemle  |  02-05-2007  |  Profiles & Interviews

The Orange Revolutionnew

John Yarmuth colored voters' fancy this year -- now what?
LEO Weekly  |  Cary Stemle  |  11-15-2006  |  Politics

Smart Is As Smart Doesnew

Reality says we may want to change our land use policies before it's too late -- but how?
LEO Weekly  |  Cary Stemle  |  08-14-2006  |  Housing & Development

Therapy of Notenew

A spoonful of music helps the medicine go down, so to speak.
LEO Weekly  |  Cary Stemle  |  07-24-2006  |  Science

Moral Mendacity

In his new book -- a stocking stuffer for the pissed-off liberal in your family -- first-time author Bryan Harris lays out the facts about moralistic rightwingers who have their own skeletons. Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh, you've been served.
LEO Weekly  |  Cary Stemle  |  09-22-2005  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

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