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AG rules against Rauner, in favor of Illinois Timesnew

Why did Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner leave a Holocaust remembrance ceremony early? We tried to find out, but Rauner has refused to turn over an unredacted copy of his appointment calendar. Illinois Times has sued the governor, with the Illinois Attorney General backing the paper.
Illinois Times  |  Bruce Rushton  |  09-30-2015  |  Politics

In Illinois Prisons, Getting Sick Can be a Death Sentencenew

Health care in Illinois prisons is so poor that it constitutes cruel and unusual punishment, a court-appointed panel of experts has found.
Illinois Times  |  Bruce Rushton  |  06-25-2015  |  Health

Cops On Drugs? No Problemnew

A cop under fire for illegal steroid use keeps his job after ratting out the rest of the department, including the police chief. Other officers kept their jobs after drunk driving, spousal abuse, prostitution, falsifying federal gun records and more.
Illinois Times  |  Bruce Rushton  |  05-08-2015  |  Crime & Justice

Top cop wore tasteless teenew

Springfield deputy police chief Clifford Buscher was wearing a t-shirt with a racially charged message when he was arrested in Missouri in 2008 after drunkenly firing a gun while on a fishing trip with three other officers. Buscher is considered next in line to be chief.
Illinois Times  |  Bruce Rushton  |  07-12-2013  |  Crime & Justice

Keeping It Real: Mbanna Kantako is still on the airnew

Mbanna Kantako has run a pirate radio station in Springfield for nearly 30 years. He hasn't let The Man shut him down, and although his influence has faded, he hasn't lost an ounce of the biting criticism that once made him a fixture in the politics of this city.
Illinois Times  |  Bruce Rushton  |  05-02-2013  |  Culture

The War on Weednew

Illinois and many other states aggressively prosecute low-level pot users and dealers in the national war on drugs. But what's the cost, in both money and lives? And is it working?
Illinois Times  |  Bruce Rushton  |  02-09-2012  |  Drugs

Keeping Tabs on Sex Offendersnew

More than 260 registered sex offenders tracked by Casey Carpenter have been naughty in the past. It’s her job to make sure that they remain nice, or, at least, where they’re supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there. And so Carpenter, an administrative clerk at the Springfield Police Department, keeps lists and checks them twice.
Illinois Times  |  Bruce Rushton  |  08-25-2011  |  Crime & Justice

Grape Expectationsnew

Illinois wineries say a lawsuit filed by Italian firm could cripple them.
Illinois Times  |  Bruce Rushton  |  07-17-2006  |  Food+Drink

A Private Search Partynew

A private entity, not the state, is looking for a new director for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.
Illinois Times  |  Bruce Rushton  |  05-05-2006  |  Business & Labor

Ill Willnew

Some prominent citizens were in charge when Goodwill defrauded taxpayers, endangered the disabled, and tanked financially -- so why didn't they do anything?
Illinois Times  |  Bruce Rushton  |  04-28-2006  |  Business & Labor

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?new

Illinois lawmakers and most elected officials are underpaid, according to a state board -- a board made up of legislative appointees.
Illinois Times  |  Bruce Rushton  |  04-24-2006  |  Politics


One of the oldest red-tailed hawks in captivity was liberated by a couple young men in Illinois -- unfortunately, freedom came with a price, for the bird and his liberators.
Illinois Times  |  Bruce Rushton  |  03-31-2006  |  Animal Issues

The Return of King Coalnew

Farmers in central Illinois fight a new threat -- a method of mining that will change their land forever.
Illinois Times  |  Bruce Rushton  |  03-27-2006  |  Business & Labor

Requiem For a Tweakernew

Thomas O'Dell, a meth addict, successfully completed drug treatment in prison, was released early and lived an exemplary life -- so how did he end up back in prison?
Illinois Times  |  Bruce Rushton  |  03-03-2006  |  Crime & Justice

Mr. Smith Goes to Washingtonnew

It looks like Richard Norton Smith, the director of the new Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, is getting out while the getting is good.
Illinois Times  |  Bruce Rushton  |  02-10-2006  |  Business & Labor

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