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Time of Transitionnew

Many questions that have been raised – such as housing – regarding lesbian, gay and bisexual students have been answered, while the same questions affecting transgender students still linger.
Worcester Magazine  |  Brittany Durgin  |  09-10-2014  |  LGBT

Spring Arts Preview 2014new

As life begins to reappear and grow around us this spring season, Worcester's cultural spaces will do the same with thought-provoking artwork and performances. In this year's Spring Arts Preview, we present a comprehensive guide to the area's biggest and smallest art exhibitions, film screenings, musical performances, theatrical acts and author talks, in addition to a few outside of Central Mass. From this year's Latino Film Festival, to a listing of cultural happenings at area colleges, Worcester Magazine's 2014 Spring Arts Preview is a keeper for everything arts related this season.
Worcester Magazine  |  Brittany Durgin  |  03-27-2014  |  Art

U.S. Supreme Court to Rule on Abortion Clinic Buffer Zonesnew

Forty-one years after Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court is charged with deciding whether a 35-foot buffer zone around entrances, exits and driveways of abortion clinics – specifically Planned Parenthoods in Boston, Worcester and Springfield – are constitutional.
Worcester Magazine  |  Brittany Durgin  |  02-06-2014  |  Civil Liberties

Higgins incorporators vote to close and move collectionnew

Higgins Armory museum board of trustees vote to close the museum and transfer the collection to Worcester Art Museum
Worcester Magazine  |  Brittany Durgin  |  04-07-2013  |  Business & Labor

The Orgasmnew

Worcester couples and singles share their experience with orgasms and what part its played in their relationships.
Worcester Magazine  |  Brittany Durgin  |  03-12-2013  |  Sex

Worcester Mag's Hometown Heroesnew

Some stand out for putting their own lives in danger so that others will be safe. Others dedicate their lives to giving to others. For some, the desire to help others transcends all else. All the heroes we honor this year have at least one thing in common: They don’t consider what they do heroic and they aren’t seeking the limelight. That’s OK. We’re more than happy to shine it on them anyway.
Worcester Magazine  |  Walter Bird Jr. and Brittany Durgin  |  11-30-2012  |  Features

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