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Jad Abumrad Reveals the Inner Workings of Radiolabnew

Jad Abumrad reveals the inner workings of Radiolab—and his own creative dark side.
INDY Week  |  Brian Howe  |  10-29-2014  |  Media

Sex and scatology, cadavers and ghosts: the indecorous enthusiasms of author Mary Roachnew

An interview with Mary Roach.
INDY Week  |  Brian Howe  |  04-14-2014  |  Books

The worlds of the suddenly hot George Saundersnew

George Saunders reads in the FHI Garage in Bay 4 of Smith Warehouse
INDY Week  |  Brian Howe  |  01-29-2014  |  Books

Lost in the Trees' A Church That Fits Our Needsnew

If you've come to get your heartstrings tugged, you won't be disappointed.
INDY Week  |  Brian Howe  |  04-02-2012  |  Reviews

Megafaun Continues to Reinvent Itselfnew

The release of Megafaun's new album—their most traditional yet—is the perfect chance to get behind the conceptual encrustation and find out what they really care about.
INDY Week  |  Brian Howe  |  09-21-2011  |  Profiles & Interviews

Mount Moriah's Leaders Get Personal About Their Exquisite, Intimate Debutnew

Heather McEntire and Jenks Miller explain the voyages and stories of their self-titled debut LP during an extended conversation about the evolution of Mount Moriah and its songs.
INDY Week  |  Brian Howe  |  04-14-2011  |  Profiles & Interviews

New Literary Journal Bull Spec Celebrates First Anniversarynew

Bull Spec is a magazine of "speculative fiction," a catchall term for sci-fi, horror, epic fantasy, superheroes, sword-and-sorcery and alternate history. There's nothing quite like it.
INDY Week  |  Brian Howe  |  01-10-2011  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

Minus Sound Research Has Nearly Perfected Its Formulanew

Minus Sound Research, which curates and presents the visual art of local musicians in galleries, reinvents itself for its fifth-anniversary show.
INDY Week  |  Brian Howe  |  10-08-2010  |  Profiles & Interviews

'Our Noise' Tells the Story of Merge Records, and Tells it Wellnew

The book is remarkably candid; it thoroughly examines interpersonal and financial problems, not just triumphs. Because of the candor, we believe the portrayal of Merge as a genuinely noble label, with an uncommon blend of ethics, frugality and business savvy.
INDY Week  |  Brian Howe  |  09-18-2009  |  Nonfiction

The Tuba Exchange Makes Durham Something of an International Tuba Meccanew

The Tuba Exchange, which has specialized in tuba trade, repair and distribution for a quarter-century, is the only business of its kind in the country, specializing only in tubas and accepting trade-ins.
INDY Week  |  Brian Howe  |  08-14-2009  |  Music

Two Decades In, Lud Remains Lean, Mean and Laid-Backnew

V -- which encompasses vintage indie rock, classic rock, funk, punk, even Krautrock -- feels cozy, a little funky and very lived-in, too.
INDY Week  |  Brian Howe  |  11-20-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

How Blag'ard Survived Brushes With Fame, F-150s and Fatherhoodnew

Blag'ard's injuries have been numerous and fancifully acquired. The Chapel Hill duo of singer/ guitarist Joe Taylor, 36, and drummer Adam Brinson, 26, seems destined for near-misses and closeness-to-catastrophe.
INDY Week  |  Brian Howe  |  10-02-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Even Indie Rockers Want the Remixnew

In that, the remix form is just about the most populist genre imaginable, which raises the question: Why did it take indie rock, a nominally populist genre, so long to catch up with it?
INDY Week  |  Brian Howe  |  09-04-2008  |  Music

The Stars of Track & Fieldnew

Increasing rent forces the Carrboro studio out.
INDY Week  |  Brian Howe  |  02-28-2008  |  Music

A Wisconsin Band Divides to Become Two North Carolina Bandsnew

After DeYarmond Edison broke up, the members returned to the Triangle to form Bon Iver and Megafaun. Both have new albums in the works and couldn't be more opposite.
INDY Week  |  Brian Howe  |  09-13-2007  |  Music

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