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Cracking the Codenew

How did Bradley Manning go from small-town Oklahoman to WikiLeakes' most notorious contributor and alleged traitor?
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Ben Fenwick  |  06-26-2013  |  Features

Oklahoma Lawmaker Talks About Plotting Diabolical Forcesnew

The Oklahoma lawmaker wanting to erect a Ten Commandments monument on the state Capitol grounds talks about diabolical forces plotting to destroy "our economic basis of free enterprise."
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Ben Fenwick  |  03-13-2009  |  Politics

Gay Agenda Found by Oklahoma Politician?new

Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern claims to have found the gay agenda. Another lawmaker is praying to God about a potential gubernatorial bid.
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Ben Fenwick  |  02-18-2009  |  LGBT

Sen. Tom Coburn: McCain is an 'Old Fart'new

The Oklahoma senator said the Republican presidential candidate John McCain is "an old fart," but is singularly qualified to lead the country.
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Ben Fenwick  |  05-28-2008  |  Politics

Inside Iraq

At the war's fifth anniversary, Oklahoma soldiers are trying to turn insurgents into allies while fending off attacks at Iraq's largest detainee facility.
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Ben Fenwick  |  03-19-2008  |  War

Hate Group Link?new

Lawmaker denies knowledge of organization's financial ties to an alleged hate group.
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Ben Fenwick  |  10-25-2007  |  Immigration

Intended Consequencesnew

An organization funded by an alleged hate group helped write Oklahoma's illegal immigration law.
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Ben Fenwick  |  10-25-2007  |  Immigration

Body Politicsnew

In Oklahoma last week, White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove railed against giving suspected terrorists the right to a trial or appeal -- an OU professor says that's what happens to those who aren't white.
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Ben Fenwick  |  10-19-2006  |  Civil Liberties

Doctor of Doomnew

An Oklahoma Book Award winner was reportedly investigated by the FBI after advocating the extinction of 90 percent of the Earth's human population by airborne Ebola virus.
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Ben Fenwick  |  04-12-2006  |  Environment

The Watchers

Get ready for Microsoft, cable and phone companies, and quite a few other people to know a lot more about what you do on your computer, thanks to House Bill 2083.
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Ben Fenwick  |  04-05-2006  |  Tech


Oklahoma City paid thousands to a lobbyist, who in turn gave thousands to U.S. Rep. Ernest Istook. While city officials deny funneling the congressman money, who's Istook representing?
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Ben Fenwick  |  02-15-2006  |  Politics

The Giving Tree

The fallout from lobbyist Jack Abramoff's indictment continues, with Rep. Istook giving $23,000 to Boy Scouts, Sen. Inhofe donating Abramoff-linked money and Nickles just taking a pass.
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Ben Fenwick  |  01-11-2006  |  Politics

A Tangled Web

Oklahoma Republicans were the big winners in the Abramoff funding spree, but Democrats also received plenty of money, and they're all distancing themselves from the indicted lobbyist and his funds.
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Ben Fenwick  |  01-04-2006  |  Politics

Bass Pro Figures Flat

The rosy Bass Pro sales projections are downplayed by the dealmakers, even as the outdoor giant opens a new Broken Arrow store. A consultant says, "They sometimes cannibalize their own stores."
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Ben Fenwick  |  12-15-2005  |  Business & Labor

Rocketplane on the Runway

A company that received an $18 million tax credit to build a space plane is considering launches from Hokkaido, Japan, a newspaper reports. A Rocketplane official confirms the company sponsored a recent fashion show in Japan.
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Ben Fenwick  |  12-15-2005  |  Transportation

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