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On the National Affrontnew

Politically, 2007 was something worth avoiding. But it happened to us anyway. More memories of candidates, guns, and quagmires.
Boston Phoenix  |  Barry Crimmins  |  12-20-2007  |  Commentary

The Devil and Dick Cheneynew

"Make no mistake about it, Cheney, your undead status is under review." A scolding letter from one evildoer to another.
Boston Phoenix  |  Barry Crimmins  |  07-06-2007  |  Comedy

What Smell?new

The second-quarter of 2006 saw Scott McClellan succumb to liar's fatigue, Stephen Colbert and Al Gore offering inconvenient truth, bad guys dying of natural and unnatural causes, and a war within a war that nobody needs.
Boston Phoenix  |  Barry Crimmins  |  07-31-2006  |  Commentary

Schmucks Unlimitednew

Considering the climactic shifts that now seem inevitable, that wall that crackpots want erected on the Mexican border may well end up serving as the one levee Bush ever built that protects brown people from flooding.
Boston Phoenix  |  Barry Crimmins  |  04-06-2006  |  Commentary

The Bonfire of the Inanitiesnew

2005: there were procurement scandals, media scandals, emergency-preparedness scandals, even treason scandals. Seriously, could it have been any worse?
Boston Phoenix  |  Barry Crimmins  |  12-22-2005  |  Commentary

Home on the Rangenew

A visit to Camp Casey, where one mother has set off a vibe that tempers even the most rabid Iraq-war backer.
Boston Phoenix  |  Barry Crimmins  |  08-18-2005  |  War

Compromising Position: A Letter to John Kerrynew

"I am endorsing you and voting for you, Senator, because you have done two things a simpering daddy’s boy like George W. Bush never would: you have marched both to and against war," political satirist Barry Crimmins writes to the presumptive Democratic nominee.
Boston Phoenix  |  Barry Crimmins  |  07-22-2004  |  Politics

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