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Sumptuous Period Picture is the Best Romantic Comedy of the Seasonnew

The Young Victoria delivers something woefully few movies have lately: a believable and engrossing love story. It chronicles the early life of Queen Victoria (Emily Blunt) from her sheltered childhood to the early years of her reign, which began when she was 18.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Anna Ditkoff  |  12-29-2009  |  Reviews

With Domestic Violence on the Rise, Baltimore Finds New Ways to Help its Victimsnew

This year, a new Family Crimes Unit was created in the Baltimore Police Department to investigate domestic-violence cases. And Mercy Medical Center has new technology that is helping to document abuse. Both aim to help women (and men) get out of abusive relationships before they become deadly. It's not an easy goal to meet.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Anna Ditkoff  |  01-13-2009  |  Crime & Justice

Family Valuesnew

I have a confession to make: I was raised by Republicans.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Anna Ditkoff  |  02-05-2008  |  Commentary

Can Anything Be Done to Bring Baltimore's Homicide Rate Down?new

Ray Alston, Michael Simms, and John Morris were just three of 282 people murdered in Baltimore in 2007, making it the most murderous year the city has seen since 1999. How does a city get to the point where mothers lose multiple sons to street crime, and how can it change?
Baltimore City Paper  |  Anna Ditkoff  |  01-29-2008  |  Crime & Justice

'The Jane Austen Book Club': The Slight Fluffnew

Underdeveloped, unbelievable women, borderline gross romances, and talky bits -- shh, it's not over yet!
Baltimore City Paper  |  Anna Ditkoff  |  10-09-2007  |  Reviews

Nine Democrats Vie For 4th Baltimore District Seatnew

Ken Harris is vacating his seat in search of City Council President.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Anna Ditkoff  |  07-31-2007  |  Politics

She's a Flat Characternew

And the story in this threadbare Jane Austen adaptation is pretty dull, too.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Anna Ditkoff  |  11-09-2005  |  Reviews

The Neighborhood Death Tollnew

Five of Terrell Fowlkes' friends were murdered in 2004 -- his best friend was shot in front of him and died at his feet. He's just one of many young men in East Baltimore trying to find meaning in a neighborhood where homicide is part of everyday life.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Anna Ditkoff  |  01-19-2005  |  Crime & Justice

Bitter Bingonew

Tired of getting hit on in bars? We have no solution for you. But we do have a game that might make you happy when The Guy Who Compliments Weird Things or The Musician/Waiter shows up.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Anna Ditkoff  |  11-03-2004  |  Recreation

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