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Many Immigrants Abandon Accomplishments to Start Anew in Americanew

Many highly educated Philadelphians from other countries are stuck working dead-end jobs for minimal pay. Their stories may surprise you.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Alli Katz and Erica Palan  |  07-07-2008  |  Immigration

Sloane Crosley: A Sorta Normal Memoiristnew

Often compared in a good way to that lovable crew of screw-up self-memorializers -- David Sedaris, Sarah Vowell and Augusten Burroughs -- Crosley manages to set herself apart with her mild normality
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Alli Katz  |  06-16-2008  |  Nonfiction

No One's Lonelier than a Republican on Election Day in Phillynew

Mike Cibik, the city's Republican 5th Ward leader, doesn't have much to get excited about. The numbers here, and in his ward in particular, make it pretty much impossible for anyone besides a Democrat to get elected.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Alli Katz  |  04-28-2008  |  Politics

Going Green? Better Look Past the Labelnew

Marketers know all about your kind -- they know you feel guilty about your consumption, and they're here to take your money. Don't trust them. They "greenwash," and it's a serious problem.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Alli Katz  |  04-22-2008  |  Environment

Give Till It Hurtsnew

It's Holiday time. Buy them something that says, "This is how I really feel," louder than 30 drunk relatives at Christmas dinner.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Alli Katz  |  11-19-2007  |  Shopping

A Man's Castle is His Cavenew

DIY Network's Man Caves encourages men not only to have their own tricked-out rooms, but to acquire them in the manliest way possible -- by building with their own two hands.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Alli Katz  |  11-05-2007  |  TV

'Wired Science' Wowsnew

Chris Hardwick of Singled Out fame is not a scientist, a journalist or even legitimately nerdy, which is why he's such an odd choice for host of PBS' new newsmagazine-style show from the folks at Wired magazine.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Alli Katz  |  10-22-2007  |  TV

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