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Flawed compromise emerges in Fun Home controversynew

Fun Home continues to be controversial, and despite hopeful actions, our legislature continues to demonstrate its homophobia and its hate.
Charleston City Paper  |  Alison Piepmeier  |  05-12-2014  |  Commentary

Why did House Republicans refuse to vote on the Violence Against Women Act?new

At the end of November, I wrote an article about sexual assault allegations at the College of Charleston and how rampant rape is on college campuses across the country. After that article came out, I got a lot of e-mails — from students at the college, alumni, and parents. And almost every person who wrote had this message: "I was raped."
Charleston City Paper  |  Alison Piepmeier  |  01-16-2013  |  The War on Women

Why do so few women seek political office?new

Women hold about 17 percent of the seats at the federal level (women of color only hold 4 percent), while in state assemblies, they hold a bit more, 24.5 percent. Worldwide, the U.S. is ranked 80th in the number of women holding public office.
Charleston City Paper  |  Alison Piepmeier  |  10-24-2012  |  Commentary

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