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Young and Homeless in New Orleansnew

As foster kids ‘age out’ of the system, many of them end up on the streets.
Gambit  |  Della Hasselle and Alex Woodward  |  12-11-2015  |  Homelessness

Medical Marijuana in Louisiana: When?new

The state approves medical marijuana for some illnesses — but prescriptions are years away.
Gambit  |  Alex Woodward  |  07-27-2015  |  Drugs

Same-Sex Marriage Comes to Louisiananew

After the U.S. Supreme Court decision, New Orleans saw its first gay weddings.
Gambit  |  Kevin Allman, Jeanie Riess, Charles Cody Siler and Alex Woodward  |  07-06-2015  |  LGBT

Abused … Then Evictednew

Victims of domestic violence in Louisiana often deal with eviction as well. A new law aims to help them
Gambit  |  Alex Woodward  |  05-06-2015  |  The War on Women

New Orleans Bar Owners Prepare for Smoking Bannew

Local bar owners on what they plan to do when it’s butts out.
Gambit  |  Alex Woodward  |  04-15-2015  |  Culture

Same-Sex Marriage in Louisiananew

A setback for same-sex marriage proponents, but plaintiffs vow an appeal.
Gambit  |  Kevin Allman, Clancy DuBos and Alex Woodward  |  09-10-2014  |  LGBT

Same-Sex Marriage in Louisiananew

A lawsuit in federal court is challenging the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.
Gambit  |  Alex Woodward and Kevin Allman  |  07-03-2014  |  LGBT

Louisiana legislators prepare to regulate e-cigsnew

Alex Woodward reports that a smoking ban seems off the table this year, but Baton Rouge is taking a look at electronic cigarettes
Gambit  |  Alex Woodward  |  04-01-2014  |  Health

Louisiana's Domestic Violence Problemnew

How New Orleans is combating one of the nation's highest rates of domestic violence.
Gambit  |  Alex Woodward  |  11-19-2013  |  Children & Families

Why it's time for New Orleans to embrace the Pelicansnew

Football may sit at the head of the Southern sports table — but it's now time for New Orleanians to embrace a newly rebranded, truly hometown sports franchise.
Gambit  |  Alex Woodward  |  10-06-2013  |  Sports

New Orleans artists to watchnew

There's no shortage of interesting personalities and sounds in New Orleans. We've had our eyes and ears on a few emerging artists — from cutthroat MCs and bluegrass young guns to heavy metal beasts. [image-1] Who: 3D Na'TeeWhat: quick-witted, take-no-prisoners MC with storytelling chops...
Gambit  |  Alex Woodward and Frank Etheridge  |  09-10-2013  |  Music

Truth Universal discusses his new album and politics in hip-hopnew

After Truth Universal watched a b-boy competition at the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition, he grabbed cardboard from supermarket Dumpsters and rummaged through music store bins for 12-inch records. His family couldn't afford a set of turntables, so he learned to rap...
Gambit  |  Alex Woodward  |  09-10-2013  |  Music

Louisiana's New Gun Lawsnew

The firearms legislation that passed this year in Baton Rouge.
Gambit  |  Alex Woodward  |  07-02-2013  |  Policy Issues

Small-Town Atheistnew

Jerry DeWitt is a former Pentecostal preacher whose new book, Hope After Faith, chronicles his journey to disbelief.
Gambit  |  Alex Woodward  |  05-29-2013  |  Religion

The Mother's Day Shootingsnew

The week following a bloody Sunday in New Orleans.
Gambit  |  Alex Woodward  |  05-20-2013  |  Crime & Justice

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