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Game of Thrones for Noobsnew

Game of Thrones has become a downright phenomenon. And while the books certainly made author George RR Martin into some kind of rockstar, the HBO series has exploded into a pop-culture powerhouse in its own right. But what about those of us who never read the books or watched the show before now? This is the review series for you.
Santa Fe Reporter  |  Alex De Vore  |  04-13-2015  |  TV

Punk & Metal Bands Go Low Fidelitynew

The ongoing retro trend of punk and metal labels releasing cassettes is the result of an influx of music fans who appreciate a more lo-fi approach and who favor analog’s warm sound over digital’s crispness.
Santa Fe Reporter  |  Alex De Vore  |  05-06-2010  |  Music

The Top Five Music-Inspired Halloween Costumes I've Ever Seennew

In the spirit of Samhain, I wanted to talk in a countdown-like fashion about some of the most notable music-inspired costumes I've seen over the years, inspired by Blind Melon, AC/DC, Kurt Cobain, a werewolf hunting band and, unnaturally, the King of Pop.
Santa Fe Reporter  |  Alex De Vore  |  10-29-2009  |  Culture

Gamers, Rock On: 'Brütal Legend' Melts Faces with Sheer Musicnew

My two favorite things in the entire world are music and games. But until now, game developers and publishers simply hadn't found that perfect mix of music and gaming that I've been longing for. That's all changed with Brütal Legend.
Santa Fe Reporter  |  Alex De Vore  |  10-22-2009  |  Video Games

Can a City Really Tell You When and Where You Can or Can't Play Music?new

As it turns out, a license for busking in Santa Fe costs $35 per calendar year. The license comes with a host of guidelines that include when buskers can play, where they can play and how long they can play there; it also specifies that there can be no amplification. All this raises somewhat existential questions.
Santa Fe Reporter  |  Alex De Vore  |  07-09-2009  |  Music

Whose House?: Venues Go Off the Gridnew

House shows are usually pretty amazing experiences. Perhaps it’s because the bands that play them could care less about money and would much rather melt faces and blow minds.
Santa Fe Reporter  |  Alex De Vore  |  04-16-2009  |  Music

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