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Can Colorado's Prisons Reform?new

After the murder of Tom Clements, can Colorado's prison system rehabilitate itself?
Westword  |  Alan Prendergast  |  08-26-2014  |  Crime & Justice

Will Juvenile Lifers Get a Second Chance?new

They're a tribe within a tribe, aging cons whose adolescent crimes have been deemed so unredeemable that they are condemned to die behind bars, with no hope of release. But hope is hard to kill, even among convicted killers.
Westword  |  Alan Prendergast  |  11-30-2012  |  Crime & Justice

The Columbine Effectnew

Thirteen years and a hundred school shootings later, why is Hollywood still obsessed with this one?
Westword  |  Alan Prendergast  |  03-26-2012  |  Features

Tara Perry: The Girl Who Fell to Earthnew

Sixteen-year-old Tara Perry followed her man into crime and madness.
Westword  |  Alan Prendergast  |  02-24-2012  |  Features

Drilled, Baby, Drillednew

The strange battle to keep Big Oil from cheating.
Westword  |  Alan Prendergast  |  01-24-2012  |  Business & Labor

The Insurance Company Didn't Give a Damn, and the Jury Gave $37 Millionnew

Time Insurance is about to discover just how badly it has miscalculated: about the routine business of taking away people's health insurance, about a Boulder jury, about its own by-the-numbers defense — and, most of all, about Jennifer Latham.
Westword  |  Alan Prendergast  |  02-22-2010  |  Science

This One-Man Crime Wave is Going a Hundred Miles Down a Dead-End Streetnew

Victor Arnold Gabler talks fast. Sitting behind a grille at the Adams County jail, he's asked to explain himself; two hours later, the story of his life has sprouted more subplots than the JFK assassination.
Westword  |  Alan Prendergast  |  12-21-2009  |  Crime & Justice

Fixers, Feeders, and the Strange, Hidden World of Feral Catsnew

Thirty thousand cats are euthanized every year in Colorado, double the rate of dogs. Some volunteers are trying to reduce the kill rate by trapping ferals, spaying or neutering them, then returning them. But trap-neuter-return is a controversial solution, often unpopular with communities afflicted by the colonies.
Westword  |  Alan Prendergast  |  11-23-2009  |  Animal Issues

Clemency for Six Colorado Prisoners Could Serve Justice and Save Millions -- So Why Won't the Gov. Try It?new

To date, Gov. Bill Ritter has issued just two pardons and not a single commutation, a situation that frustrates prisoner advocates.
Westword  |  Alan Prendergast  |  10-26-2009  |  Crime & Justice

The Way the Adams County Coroner is Running His Office Could be Dead Wrongnew

Jim Hibbard has been a magnet for controversy. His office has been plagued by massive turnover since his arrival, resulting in a drain of seasoned death investigators and a rash of embarrassing blunders by inexperienced staff and interns.
Westword  |  Alan Prendergast  |  07-06-2009  |  Crime & Justice

Ken Salazar Has to Save the Interior Departmentnew

Facing a legacy of crumbling parks infrastructure, ravaged public lands and stunning mismanagement, the new Secretary has plenty to work on.
Westword  |  Alan Prendergast  |  04-06-2009  |  Politics

Denver's Latest Traffic Plan Depends on Getting You Out of Your Carnew

In October, the city unveiled a glossy Strategic Transportation Plan to meet the congestion challenge. The STP proposes to solve the problem by making major traffic corridors multi-modal, but it's been greeted with suspicion and even derision by some.
Westword  |  Alan Prendergast  |  02-23-2009  |  Transportation

In Life and Death, Tattoo Artist Kauri Tiyme Made Her Marknew

Kauri was an artist. She put ink under people's skin and transformed them. In many ways, she was her own finest achievement. Not just the tattoos; she had made her own body a canvas for others, but anyone can do that. What she did was much edgier, more daring. She changed her name, her identity, her ideas as she saw fit.
Westword  |  Alan Prendergast  |  01-12-2009  |  Crime & Justice

Can a Troubled Colorado Prison Change the Way Inmates Think?new

Director Kevin Estep brought a new approach to the Cheyenne Mountain Re-Entry Center, which requires inmates to forsake the convict code. But not every journey through CMRC has been positive.
Westword  |  Alan Prendergast  |  11-10-2008  |  Crime & Justice

William Orr's Quest for Better, Cheaper Gas Left Him Facing Prison Timenew

Despite the battery of charges he was convicted of, much of the fraud case came down to a single issue: whether Orr had misrepresented to investors and to the government the potential of the formula he was trying to market -- a fuel blend that he claimed would be cheaper, cleaner and more efficient than conventional gasoline.
Westword  |  Alan Prendergast  |  09-09-2008  |  Environment

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