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To Gate or Not to Gate?new

Jackson residents could erect gates to their neighborhoods, and still have the city pay for their streets, under a proposed ordinance.
Jackson Free Press  |  Adam Lynch  |  06-02-2011  |  Housing & Development

LeFleur Lakes DOA?new

With 95 percent of preparation complete for building the airport parkway, there is little chance that the LeFleur Lakes development will remain feasible.
Jackson Free Press  |  Adam Lynch  |  12-21-2006  |  Housing & Development

Can Ordinance Be Enforced?new

City Council has passed a new rental-property ordinance, but does the city have the staff to enforce it?
Jackson Free Press  |  Adam Lynch  |  11-30-2006  |  Housing & Development

Stokes Delays 'Slumlord' Ordinancenew

Delays in voting on a tougher rental-property ordinance have critics crying foul.
Jackson Free Press  |  Adam Lynch  |  11-22-2006  |  Housing & Development

Farish Street Rebornnew

Construction on Farish Street -- and its transformation into an entertainment mecca -- has finally begun.
Jackson Free Press  |  Adam Lynch  |  11-18-2006  |  Housing & Development

Fantasy Island Swampednew

The LeFleur Lakes project may be down for the count due to environmental concerns and ballooning costs.
Jackson Free Press  |  Adam Lynch  |  11-09-2006  |  Housing & Development

Big City, Bright Futurenew

Development in downtown Jackson surges ahead, despite the mayor's antics.
Jackson Free Press  |  Adam Lynch  |  09-21-2006  |  Housing & Development

Fantasy Islandnew

Developers in Jackson are atwitter over a proposal to dam the Pearl River and inundate its floodplain for the sake of real estate developers -- but is it worth the financial and environmental cost?
Jackson Free Press  |  Adam Lynch  |  05-25-2006  |  Housing & Development

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