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NUVO's new Editor is Katherine Coplennew

Coplen is the first woman to fill that role in the 26-year history of the paper.
NUVO  |  06-23-2016  6:00 pm  |  Industry News

Nashville Scene Editor Jim Ridley Dies at 50new

"He made every single journalist around him better."
Nashville Scene  |  04-08-2016  3:00 pm  |  Industry News

Eagle Media Purchases Pittsburgh City Papernew

Eagle Media announced today the purchase of the Pittsburgh City Paper from Steel City Media.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  03-31-2016  4:00 pm  |  Industry News

Gambit Announces Jeanne Exnicios Foster as Publishernew

Margo DuBos, who has been publisher for more than 28 years, will remain President and CEO of Gambit Communications Inc.
Gambit  |  01-04-2016  2:00 pm  |  Industry News

Former Editors Launch 'Bring Back the Bay Guardian' Campaignnew

Online fundraiser aims to preserve, restore, and relaunch alternative newspaper's key features.
48 Hills  |  11-23-2015  3:00 pm  |  Industry News

Gambit Reveals Redesignnew

The redesign of the New Orleans alt-weekly was executed by art director Dora Sison and her team.
Gambit  |  11-18-2015  10:00 am  |  Industry News

Joe Pappalardo Named Editor of the Dallas Observer

Voice Media Group announced today that Joe Pappalardo has been named editor-in-chief of the Dallas Observer. (FULL STORY)
VMG  |  11-18-2015  3:00 pm  |  Industry News

Metro Newspapers CEO: 'Authenticity Sells'

"Free-thinking consumers believe that a publication that’s not afraid to make powerful enemies is less likely to be bought off by advertisers," says Metro Newspapers CEO Dan Pulcrano. (FULL STORY)
11-10-2015  4:00 pm  |  Industry News

Seattle Elections Swayed by 'The Stranger Effect'new

"Does the Stranger have so much power that it no longer deserves its 'alternative' status?"
Crosscut  |  11-02-2015  4:30 pm  |  Industry News

SF Bay Guardian Intellectual Assets Transferred To Non-Profit Led By Tim Redmond and Marke Bieschkenew

The deal gives the San Francisco Center for Newspaper Preservation full possession of the Bay Guardian's name, paper and digital archives, and website sfbg.com.
SF Examiner  |  10-28-2015  11:30 am  |  Industry News

First Look Media Grants $15,000 to Sacramento News & Review Legal Defense Fundnew

The $15,000 grant will be used to offset the legal costs the publication is accruing from a lawsuit filed by Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson.
First Look Media  |  10-20-2015  11:40 am  |  Industry News

Letters to the Future: A Call for Letters on Climate Changenew

East Bay Express  |  10-12-2015  4:00 pm  |  Industry News

Philadelphia City Paper Bids Farewellnew

Philadelphia City Paper goes out with an absurdist play based on real interviews with alt industry characters past and present.
Philadelphia City Paper  |  10-08-2015  3:00 pm  |  Industry News

Over 35 AAN Publications Collaborate on Letter-Writing Project Ahead of U.N. Climate Change Conference

Over 35 AAN publications will publish Letters to the Future, a national letter-writing project featuring letters from authors, artists, scientists and the general public. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  10-05-2015  4:00 pm  |  Industry News