World War On My Mind

Random Lengths News | July 19, 2006
You that hide behind walls, You that hide behind desks,

I just want you to know that I see through your masks.

–Bob Dylan 1963 song Masters of War

While sweltering through the dog days of summer, it seems very hard to get engaged or outraged at the continued madness of the world gone wrong. When I heard of the latest reports on attacks by Hizbullah from Lebanon on Israel, I immediately thought of the question, “And where were you when World War III started?” Most likely watching TV and wondering how far wrong things had gone since 9/11 in the pursuit of the “War on Terrorism.” This term “War” is a misnomer because no one has actually declared a war. Bush and his co-conspirators failed to ask Congress for a declaration to make this a war! The Supreme Court has recently ruled against Bush & company on the status of Guantanamo and other prisoners of this undeclared war, granting them criminal rights under the US Constitution. Finally, even the conservatively packed high court can’t ignore this excessive abuse of power. As for the dream of peace between Israel and Palestine that evaporated before Bush even entered office––when Bush operatives subverted the last Clinton initiative by promising the Israeli Prime Minister “a better deal” with Bush rather than Clinton––a betrayal of historic proportions.

What is now emerging in the Iraq conflict, which is just too obvious for even the lap dogs of the American media to ignore, is that the “civil war” between the Sunni and the Shiitte Muslim sects will destroy all efforts by the US military to either stabilize the fragile Iraqi democracy, or its economy and will prove to be yet another political disaster for the Bush administration. Things have not gone well in Afghanistan either, even though you hear less and less from that theater of conflict. We now have three fronts of hostilities with Israel playing its time-honored role of American surrogate and prime ally against the Iranian backed Hizbullah. In this world crisis can it be far from anyone’s mind, the "what if?" question, of the use of a nuclear warhead by either side? This now rises to the criteria of being a world war – the one nobody declared.

At the G8 summit in Leningrad (now known as St. Petersburg), Russia, this doesn’t even rise to the level of acknowledgement for the world powers to demand a ceasefire. Only Kofi Annan the Secretary General of the United Nations seems to recognize the urgency to intervene, but without the support of the G8 nations who are on the UN Security Council there will be no UN peace-keeping mission dispatched and the vendetta between Lebanon and Israel and Palestine will continue with Biblical "justice" of an eye for an eye. By the time they are done the entire region from Gaza to Syria will be blinded with holy vengeance on all sides. Bush’s born-again belief in Armageddon will be fulfilled if only by his fundamental refusal to negotiate peace as effectively as he craves the political power of war.

Shall we simply add this to the mounting list of reasons we need to impeach Bush now? Or should we first indict his Vice President Dick Cheney so that he doesn’t have the opportunity to assume the power office he has already perverted. Both––at once--––is my suggestion and the sooner the better!

In frustration, I urge you to deluge the offices of every Congress member with the IMPEACH BUSH demand and that you start off each and every day with the same simple greeting– instead of “good morning” say, “let’s impeach the President.” When you answer the phone don’t say, “hello,” simply start off with “impeach Bush, how are you?”

And make every letter you write to the Daily Breeze or the LA Times end with the salutation, “I sincerely support impeaching Bush.”

I will remind you once again that– The only way to get rid of political tyrants in a democracy is to ferret them out of their offices with the truth and publicly expose them in the press. Then indict and prosecute them and drive them from office. To do this, the press must be willing to risk being unpopular with those who hold the power. – from Just As I Think It, JPA 2005 Random Lengths Press

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