Willamette Week Revelation Spurs Front-Page Washington Post Story

july 24, 2008  04:04 pm
A couple of weeks ago the Portland alt-weekly broke the news that former Oregon GOP boss Craig Berkman has been giving generously to Republicans -- including Sen. John McCain -- despite claiming to be millions of dollars in debt. On Wednesday, the Washington Post turned its attention to Berkman and expanded upon the story. The McCain campaign tells the Post that they've donated Berkman's money to charity and will urge the RNC to do the same, but that doesn't placate some Berkman critics. "He used political donations and the doors those opened to build a web like a spider," says Jordan Schnitzer, the head of an Oregon investment firm who says Berkman duped him. "Someone should ask John McCain, 'With all these folks in your campaign, you couldn't put his name into Google?'"