Will The Village Voice's Siren Festival Have to Relocate?

july 22, 2008  09:36 am
The Voice's annual indie rock festival, which celebrated its 8th installment this weekend, may have to find a new location if the redevelopment of Coney Island breaks ground next year as some expect, the New York Times reports. "Siren isn't the most comfortable of rock festivals. The sound systems are mediocre and the pedestrian routes between the stages are irrational," the Times notes. "But Siren does place the tattooed-nerd fashion sense of indie rock in the diverting context of Coney Island's other freaks and sideshows." However, the redevelopment would eliminate these freaks and sideshows and the entire old amusement area, which could mean an end to Siren at Coney Island. "It's my first time here," Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew said as the band ended its set this weekend. "I don't want it to be the last."