What's the Best Way for Your Newsroom to Use Twitter?

august 28, 2009  10:17 am
"Journalists and news organizations are all atwitter these days, but they are seeing different returns on investment from their uses of Twitter," Poynter's Patrick Thornton writes. He notes that the New York Times' main Twitter account features very little interaction, which many deem a death knell in social media. But the feed is wildly popular: it has more than 1.6 million followers, and is the 18th most popular account on Twitter. "There is a market for interactive and non-interactive accounts," Times social media editor Jennifer Preston says. "Like most media organizations, we recognize that Twitter is about conversations, not broadcasting. That said, some people do like their headlines." Thornton also holds up the Chicago Tribune's Colonel Tribune account as a model of a curatorial Twitter presence. "The Colonel's Twitter account links to interesting Tribune content, content from around the web and spurs discussions," he writes. "The Colonel doesn't just grab headlines, but rather finds interesting parts of stories and points them out to users."