Two Who Revealed Plagarism Fired, but Not Culprit

march 11, 2002  09:23 am
An editor at the Daily Oklahoman and another at AAN-member Oklahoma Gazette lose their jobs after revealing that the daily's weather writer was lifting material from the Internet without attribution, Jim Romenesko writes in Media News Extra! Gazette media columnist Carol Cole exposed the plagiarism after getting tipped by someone at the Oklahoman. She "says she was fired from the Gazette after an argument with her editor over the editing of her column," Romenesko writes. And at the Oklahoman, "fired editor and reporter, Scott Cooper, denies he gave the item to Cole, but he admits he told others he was the source" to make himself feel important. Meanwhile weather writer Gary England says he'll start crediting NASA and others when he uses their material in his stories.