Three Dozen Vendors to Display Products at AAN

From Advertising and Classified Software to Cartoons and Syndicated Columns.

may 17, 2000  11:51 am
At this year's AAN convention, more than three dozen vendors will have their products on display for the members of the alternative newspaper industry.

So far, AAN has registered 38 exhibitors for the 23rd annual convention, which will be held June 1-3 at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel. (The trade show will be open June 1-2.) By the time the convention begins, AAN expects the total number of vendors to exceed the all-time record of 40 who attended last year's conference in Memphis.

The diversified list of vendors, large and small, varies from high-tech companies pitching advertising and classified software to alternative cartoonists and writers displaying their works.

One of the larger newcomers, Citium Inc., will offer an exhibit explaining how to use its service to deliver online coupons and special offers to consumers. The company also agreed to sponsor part of the convention, offering Phoenix-area maps to attendees.

On a smaller scale, first-time vendor Marina Wolf will be available to answer questions about her syndicated food articles, aptly named the Wide Eyed Gourmet.

Registered convention participants will also be able to browse the aisles for voice personals systems, publishing and website management software and market research tools.

In addition to exhibits, AAN registrants will have the opportunity to sample some of the products and services provided by sponsors of this year's convention. AOL Moviefone will provide kiosks for attendees to check their e-mail accounts, and Guiness-Bass-Red Stripe will provide the beer for this year's convention parties.

Here's the complete list of vendors who had registered to exhibit as of May 16 (subject to change):

  • Acme Features Syndicate-Life in Hell cartoon
    Sondra Gatewood, 503/843-4555

  • Advanced Distributing Co.-
    Dave Edwards/Lee Mednikow/Lynn Murphy, 800-654-7739

  • Advanced Telecom Services-voice personals
    Janet Ketcham/Grace Loftus/Dolores Gauthier, 610/995-7758

  • Audit Bureau of Circulations-circulation auditing organization
    Marsha L. Enrici, 847-879-8406

  • advertising services

  • Chromatic Services Inc.-voice personals
    Rob Madigan, 604-257-5583

  • Citium Inc.-application service provider
    Joe Marougi/Peter Torres/Candice Carton/Vivek Gupta/Jyotin Bharwada,

  • Classified Group/Sun Type-classified software
    Bruce Kuechmann, 941/743-6113

  • Kenneth Cleaver-consumer correspondent

  • DesertNet-electronic publishing
    Doug Floyd/Andy Sutcliffe/Wil Gerken, 520/622-3039 x 102

  • Digital Discoveries-on-line employment organization
    Bruce Reeks/Susie Stuck, 770-551-0560 x 3222

  • Dykes to Watch Out For and Ethan Green Comics
    Alison Bechdel, 802-434-7052

  • Environment News Service- world-wide environmental news service
    Jim Crabtree, 520-680-7020

  • Informatel-advertising software
    Vincent De Garie, 514-975-9000

  • Mactive Inc.-provides integrated advertising systems
    Tom Carnohan, 321-254-5559

  • Maxine! Comix-comic strip
    Marian Henley, 512-329-0626

  • The Media Audit-readership surveys
    Bob Jordan/Phil Beswick, 713/626-0333

  • MicroVoice-voice personals
    Michael James/Janet Wolnik/David Schmidt/Michael McCulloch,

  • Modulo Systems-publishing software applications
    Treva Stose/Edward Owens, 617-234-4414

  • NVS Interactive Media-voice personals
    Art Benson/Laura Vanner/Holly Golding, 716-626-0100

  • Polytrope Data Solutions-circulation tracking database package
    Will Porter/Anne Porter, 713-572-9399

  • infrastructure provider
    Loren Widrick/Kevin Hoppes, 518-286-2200 x 237

  • tools for AAN papers
    Jim Abeles/Matt Navarre/Mark Jockin, 888-551-PRE1

  • Ted Rall-political cartoonist and columnist

  • Red Meat: from the Secret Files of Max Cannon-cartoonist
    Max Cannon, 520/881-6138

  • Scarborough Research-syndicated research
    Gary Meo, 512/250-2206

  • Cole Smithey-film critic

  • Relationships-comic strip
    Stephanie Bailey-973-744-6163

  • Sally Sheklow-"Living Out" columnist

  • Andy Singer-cartoonist for No Exit, Happy and Crabby and Comics for

  • Story Minute-comic strip
    Carol Lay, 323-666-3232

  • Tele-publishing International-voice personals
    David Dinnage/Mary Lynn Bramucci/Jeff Ostiguy/Adam Segal/ Jessica
    Thrasher, 800-874-2340

  • Tribune Media Services-editorial database products
    Tracy Frank, 312/223-444

  • Verified Audit Circulation-circulation auditor
    William Jelinek, 415/383-3623

  • Vision Data-publisher support
    Tim Donnelly/Amy Weaver, 518-434-2193

  • The Wide-Eyed Gourmet-food stories
    Marina Wolf, 707-546-6170

  • Wisecracks-comic strip
    L.G. Sullivan, 504-488-2789

  • ZeusLogic, Inc.-online classified service
    Michael Symolon/Beverly Popek, 860-675-7150