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The Stranger defines, defends, and sometimes defies the culture and politics of Seattle.

Our coverage arises from a resolutely urban point of view, offering a unique perspective on the topics that matter most to people who live, work, and play in Seattle. Our original news reporting is relentless and outspoken. Our smart, funny entertainment coverage sets the tone of the city’s cultural conversation. And our innovative, interactive calendar, Things To Do, is Seattle’s most popular and exhaustive source of event information.

The Stranger is unpredictable, and we’re not always nice. But we are unmistakably on the side of our city and our readers. We love Seattle so much that we want more of it: more housing, more transit options, more bars and restaurants, more people. We take our reporting seriously—we won a Pulitzer Prize for feature writing—but we are just as committed to gleefully fucking around.
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