The Pulse
  • 1305 Carter Street
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402
  • USA
  • Phone: (423) 265-9494
  • Fax: (423) 266-2335
  • Circulation: 15,000
  • Audited By: Figure submitted by Publisher
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Recent Articles

Smoldering Keyboards

The student press in Chattanooga is alive and well, but it has cooled and struggles to connect with an audience awash in social media.
The Pulse  |  Esan Swan  |  04-02-2013  |  Media

Get Back, Honky Cat

Beginning with Honky Ch√Ęteau, Elton John, along with his writing partner, Bernie Taupin, served notice that he had no intention of remaining tethered to his piano, singing sensitive love songs.
The Pulse  |  Richard Winham  |  03-21-2013  |  Music
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