The Media Oxpecker: RSS Edition

march 25, 2011  06:38 pm
The Media Oxpecker: RSS Edition
Every Friday we round up media & tech industry news you may have missed while you were busy exposing the laziness of the mainstream media. In the absence of your regular and inefficient human columnist, this week’s edition is brought to you by The Machines.

  • Top 10 ‘dying’ industries: list no one wants to be on, or hidden opportunities?

  • Apple under fire from gay rights groups after approving iPhone app 'cure' for homosexuality

  • Video: Felix Salmon Interviews Nick Denton, Founder, Gawker Media

  • Why Newspapers Need Community Managers

  • The New York Times Accuses Google of Being A Media Company

  • Dan Abrams Defends Huffington Post From the “Strikers”

  • AT&T/T-Mobile Deal: More Bad News for Media

  • No New Splashy Engadget Editor Yet, But AOL Site Cleaning Begins

  • HuffPo Poaches Times Journalist... Mark Lotto Leaves, Too...

  • Some More Bad News For Copyright-Enforcer Righthaven

  • Another Newspaper Jumps On The Groupon Bandwagon

  • McClatchy, a Groupon Partner, Starts Selling Its Own Daily Deals, Too

  • Burned by Daily-Deal Craze, Small Businesses Get Savvy

  • Groupon President and COO Rob Solomon Steps Down

  • Retailers Are Finally Embracing Android, So How About Media Owners?

  • Everything You Need To Know About How People Use Daily Deals

  • Why Women Rule The Internet

  • 9 Tips to Help Redesign Your Company Facebook Page

  • What Everyblock’s Redesign Tells Us About The Future Of Hyperlocal News Sites

  • New ranking combines print-digital reach of metro papers, reveals surprising winners

  • Digital Subscription Prices Visualized (aka The New York Times Is Delusional)

  • NY Times Asks Twitter to Shut Down Paywall Dodgers

  • A Round Up of Media Mogul Salaries: The Rich Get Richer

  • Hearst’s David Kang: Best Products Come From Editors

  • Yelp Scolds Elite Yelpers For Degenerate Feeding Frenzies

  • SocialVibe Raises $20 Million For ‘Engagement’ Ads

  • Nielsen Sues comScore In The Battle Of The Audience-Measurement Firms

  • NY Times expands limits on free search traffic

  • AOL Folds 30 Brands, Including Politics Daily

  • Gannett sees decline in Q1 publishing, TV revenue

  • Google Goes After Big Media Ad Dollars With New Video Search Ads

  • Media Content Drives Tablet Purchase Intent

  • Bonus link: One in five men read their iPad on the toilet