Target of Memphis Flyer's Jab Lashes Out

april 17, 2006  11:10 am
In the Flyer's April 14 issue, Chris Davis tweaked the Main Street Journal, a Memphis-based monthly magazine, for the cover of its April issue. Davis's item reads, in its entirety: "The locally produced Main Street Journal, a magazine devoted to all things conservative, appears to be reaching out to African Americans -- a demo the GOP has traditionally failed to attract. Although the most recent issue has little in the way of Afro-centric content, the cover does feature the image of a black man ... and a truckload of watermelons." The Journal posted a lengthy, literal-minded response on its Web site -- arguing, in part, that its covers were designed to capture "mainstreet America." The Journal also takes a shot at the Flyer, saying that the Memphis community "deserves more than what the Flyer offers: a steady diet of liberal commentary and local insult gossip seasoned with ads for gentlemen’s clubs, phone sex hotlines and casinos."