SLA Murder Story Precedes Arrests by a Week

january 17, 2002  01:55 pm
The Sacramento News & Review published a thorough examination of the murder of Myrna Opsahl a week before Sacramento DA Jan Scully made four arrests nearly 27 years after the fact. Opsahl was shot in a 1975 bank robbery in Carmichael, Calif., linked to the Symbionese Liberation Army -- they of the Patty Hearst kidnapping fame. For years, Opsahl's son has called the evidence against the leaders of the SLA overwhelming. Yesterday, DA Scully announced the arrest of Sarah Jane Olsen, Emily Harris, Richard Harris and Michael Bortin. Police have a warrant to arrest a fifth suspect, James Gilgore. While the murder has received considerable media attention over the years, the N&R's story was the last major examination of the case before the arrests.