SF Weekly Theater Critic Inspires Play

september 18, 2008  10:03 am
"I never saw myself as much of a muse; I tend to piss off theater people more often than I inspire them," writes critic Chloe Veltman. She says she "didn't know whether to feel flattered or alarmed" when she learned that Tore Ingersoll-Thorp's new drama was created partly in response to one of her essays. The press release for the play, titled March to November, declares, "Inspired by SF Weekly theater critic Chloe Veltman's January 9, 2008, article entitled 'Election Stage Left,' which challenged Bay Area playwrights and theater companies to create more 'political' works, Sleepwalkers answers the call to arms with a classic hero story that assesses the relevance of overtly political theater."