Seven Days Moves All Personals Online, Leaving Some Luddites Behind

april 16, 2007  10:19 am
Co-publisher/co-editor Paula Routly says the remaining advertisers on her paper's voice-personals system now have a choice: "Find an internet connection at the local library, or a real one at the nearest bar." The Burlington, Vt., weekly switched to online personals about a year ago but kept the old system "for those dial-up, off-the-grid or never-adopter readers." Nevertheless, it has seen the number of users dwindle "to a handful." One 36-year-old reader isn't happy about the switch. "I have an old-fashioned view of what it means to be close," Nick Zandstra says. Although he admits his resistance is "futile," he has no intention of getting a computer. "I can better observe the phenomenon by not being in the phenomenon," he says.