Seven Days' Cathy Resmer Adds Her Voice to America's Oral History

august 28, 2006  10:34 am
StoryCorps, a national oral history project sponsored by the Library of Congress and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, has recorded more than 7,000 interviews over the past three years. Cathy Resmer was invited to participate after a producer read an essay she had written for Seven Days, where she is part of the editorial staff. Since StoryCorps subjects interview each other in pairs, Resmer recruited Jules Fischelman, a friend who donated the sperm that Resmer and her partner used to conceive their infant son. Resmer describes the recording experience in an Aug. 9 Seven Days feature; an excerpt, in which Resmer explains how Star Wars influenced her desire not to use an anonymous donor, was broadcast Thursday on Vermont Public Radio and is now available for download.